At this writing, we are at the end (perhaps) of Mayo Clinic Medical Updates for this visit.

Patti now has an appointment on May 1st 2020 for the second stage procedure for her Barrett’s Esophagus Syndrome.

Today’s final Mayo Clinic news update:

Patti’s Pulmonary Medicine Doctor called Patti this afternoon to report on the results of yesterday’s pulmonary function testing.

Everything looked quite positive. Patti does NOT have COPD ( Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease ). Her Doctor advised Patti that, based upon yesterday’s tests, the use of the inhaler Albuterol is a positive procedure that (when used) provides Patti with a 20% increase in lung function and to be sure to use Albuterol when prescribed. To this point in time, when prescribed, Patti has always felt that Albuterol did nothing to help her. 

Patti’s recent coughing issue / challenge. Her Pulmonary Medicine Doctor agrees with the Emergency Room Doctor that Patti definitely had a bronchial infection and that the use of the antibiotic and Prednisone prescribed by her E.R. Doctor (in addition to several procedures performed in the E.R.) has been the reason for Patti’s recovery from this worrisome coughing episode that lasted 7 weeks.

For Now That Is Our Wrap Up.

Hugs from Patti and Smiles from Cap


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