I feel like Patti and I are living in the western movie, High Noon.

Look at that big hand move along
Nearin’ high noon

As I write, it is Friday, April the 24th. 

Our clock-of-life keeps ticking, just like in the movie.

Next Friday, May the 1st, High Noon will arrive.

Patti will enter the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix, Arizona, and have a surgical procedure (the second of a three part series of procedures) performed to treat her Barrett’s Esophagus condition.

Next Tuesday, April 28th, Patti and I will leave Kingman, Arizona, where we will have spent four weeks, and relocate to Phoenix, Arizona, to be closer to the Mayo Clinic.



On Thursday, April 30th, prior to Friday’s procedure, Patti will be tested for COVID-19 at the Mayo Clinic. 

Over And Out For Now.

Cap and Patti

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