APR 29, 20 .. Part 1 of 2 .. WE ARE IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA

Yesterday evening (Tuesday the 28th of April) Patti and I drove down from Kingman to Phoenix, Arizona.



We left Kingman at 6:15pm and arrived at our motel here in Phoenix at 9:30pm. We covered 178 miles. It was a good drive although we ran out of daylight about 7:45pm and many of the remaining miles were on 2-lane roads. Not the best situation for my eyes at my age.

In order to enter the Mayo Clinic, patients are tested to determine if they have the COVID-19 virus. So on Thursday Patti will receive the required test to determine if she has the COVID-19 virus. If the test is negative, then on Friday morning (6:30am check in) her doctor will perform the second of three procedures to treat her Barrett’s Esophagus condition.

I will not be able to enter the hospital to accompany Patti. Once the procedure is totally complete, she will be taken to the hospital exit where I will meet her. 

Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti

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