To say that Patti loves her flowers is a great understatement. The last time Patti had summer flowers was two years ago during the summer of 2018. Patti was with me in Russian Siberia and Hong Kong (not to mention Korea in February 2019) during much of the summer of 2019 and so she did not get to plant her summer flowers last year.

Yesterday we were shopping for groceries at our local Walmart Store and Patti saw a large assortment of potted flowers for sale. When I returned from the store with our groceries, Patti had purchased potted flowers (geranuims, pansies, and violas) to take-home-and-plant.

Today Patti began her summer of 2020 flower planting. This is the entrance to our building. It is next-to-impossible-to-see, but along the extreme lower  right edge of the below photo is a flower box ‘awaiting’ Patti’s new flowers.

There she is! Patti with her newly planted flowers out in front of our building.

As Patti was planting these flowers, one of our neighbors walked by and exclaimed, “It’s been a long time since you had flowers out in front!”

Up close and very personal. These flowers are immediately outside of our bedroom window.

Hugs and Smiles ..

Patti and Cap

2 thoughts on “MAY 21, 20 .. SUMMER .. PATTI LOVES HER FLOWERS .. PART 1

  1. Tom

    Hello Anchorage AK and neighboring cities! Just catching up on all these posts – I will send you a couple pics I took on the Las Vegas ‘Strip’ aka Las Vegas Boulevard taken just after I dropped you @ the McCarran Airport. Very eerie feeling, driving down one of USA’s busiest streets and seeing it nearly deserted! Patti – glad flowers are out!! I do sometimes get homesick for my RO tomato patch/back yard, but I can walk out into nature any minute and see a great vista. Cap, glad your WhatsApp perked up, hope all our friends of Bill in the Orient and Siberia are ok. All good here, talk to you guys soon. Vaya con Dios ! Tom

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom for your comment and interest in ‘our doings’. We both well remember your growing tomatoes and other veggies there behind your home in RO. Man alive those tomatoes were wonderful Tom. It’s a mystery as to why WhatsApp suddenly was available to me on my Samsung Galaxy A10. Both of us are enjoying being-in-touch with our friends in Asia. Smiles Cap and Hugs Patti

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