Here we go Loop De Loop .. Here we go Loop De Li ..

Patti and I went to Home Depot yesterday and she purchased a second set of flowers to decorate our condo here in Anchorage, Alaska. Patti lets her newly purchased plants sit out-of-doors for one night (to ‘harden’ them) before she plants them. 

So today they were ‘hardened’ and ready to have Patti place them into their new planter box homes.

Here are the flowers that Patti purchased yesterday and that were ready to be planted today into the two boxes on the right below.

Here We Go Loop De Loop .. Patti is ‘into action’ ..

Notice in the next photos below, to the left is a planter of flowers that Patti planted last Thursday, along with the two planters out in front of our condo.

An up close look at the planter Patti was working on in the above four photos.

Here are several photos of the above now completed planters.

In the below photo, behind Patti, is a planter awaiting its turn to have flowers lovingly placed into it by Patti.

Below Patti turns-her-attention to the above planter.

Really nice work Patti!

A look at the finished (for today that is) flowers planted in the back of our condo.

In the above photo, you can see several more planters that are hoping-against-hope that they-too will have fresh flowers placed into them.

Will they?

Does The Shadow Know?

Don’t-touch-this-dial and you will see if Part 4 comes to life here on

Hugs from Patti and Smiles from Cap

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