Did I ‘do the math’ correctly? Has it really been sixty-six years since my High School Graduation? 

Covid-19 sure caused havoc with this year’s High School Graduates (as well as with all graduates of any course of study they were completing from the lower grades to University level studies). No Prom, no ‘traditional’ High School Graduation Ceremony (walking across the stage etc). I feel bad for all of them. What else to say as I ‘think back’ upon my very normal and traditional final week in High School back in 1954. So many friends that you never see again.

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On Tuesday, August 26, 2008, from New Delhi, India, just back from Leh, Ladakh in the far North of India, in an ‘e-mail writing’ (WRITING NR 70) of ‘For What It’s Worth’, I wrote the following words Greg:

I met Seattle Greg on December 27th 1990 here in the New Delhi YMCA as he had just crawled off the infamous Kerala Express after a thirty seven (37) hour run up from Kerala on the DOG OF DOGS.. the KERALA EXPRESS.. joy to ya Pard.. (better not let the Kerala Express hear me carrying on about him this way..).. It is kindda sortta (in)famous..

Nice memory Greg.

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For the past several days my life has been taken-over by issues regarding our internet usage and greatly increased cost(s) thereof due to the expense of watching meetings on zoom. I estimate that each zoom meeting is costing us $5 in excessive overnet data usage costs. Our plan covers 15GB and over that upper limit we are paying $5 per GB which is the cost of an average zoom meeting.

For What It’s Worth, that’s all for now folks.

Cap and Patti

Patti’s flowers in front of our Condo as viewed from our bedroom window.

Nice Huh?


4 thoughts on “JUN 17, 20 .. JUNE 17, 1954 .. HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION DAY .. SIXTY SIX YEARS AGO ?

  1. Greg De Young.

    Yo, Cap, l990 is a long stretch. Thanks much for your friendship down the years. And the Kerala Express from the southern tip of India to Delhi 57 long hours. Fifty Dollars round trip First Class with a upper berth. Those were the days. Later, Greg

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Those were the days my friend we thought they’d never end !! It pretty much looks like they have ended Greg, at least for me. So happy to have had them and to have shared more than a few memories of India with you Pard. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      There is more than a little truth to what you say. Thanks for your interest and we WILL KEEP ON KEEPING ON. Trust us on this. Cap and Patti

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