At this point of my life, I think one of the most discouraging things that can happen to me is when I injure myself.

Of course these mishaps are purely accidental. In spite of being accidental, they really can depress me.

Yesterday I was at the Post Office mailing Patti’s IRS Tax Return. In my left hand I was holding the envelope that contained her forms. 

And I was doing the right-thing !!  That makes it even more discouraging.

I was using my hands to snug up my Covid-19 Face Mask. As I used my left hand to adjust the head bands of my face mask, somehow I pushed the corner of the envelope holding Patti’s tax return into my left eye. Luckily I was moving very slowly and deliberately to adjust the face mask. Had I been moving rapidly, I could have seriously injured my left eye. 

Well my left eye sure bothered me.

When I got home to our condo, I cleansed my eye lid and then I put top quality eye-drops into my left eye. Then I rigged up an eye-patch using gauze pads taped to my face the rest of the evening. This allowed me to have my left eye open and blinking. Before I used an eye-patch, I was trying to hold my left eye shut and use only my right eye. This was very uncomfortable.

After a good nights sleep (luckily my CPAP breathing machine mask did not prove to be unconfortable during the night) when I awoke this morning my left eye felt 100% fine. Well maybe 95% fine because even as I write here 10 hours later, my left eye is just a tad uncomfortable.

Over on blogspot, if you click onto the below link, you will find a Blast-From-The-Past going back one year to early July of 2019 when we two were in Hong Kong.


Smiles from me and Hugs from Patti

2 thoughts on “JUL 8, 20 .. WHEN OH WHEN DOES IT GET EASY ?

  1. Gullible

    More than likely you scratched your eye. Hurts like heck but it heals quickly.

    You should have seen me yesterday with a Haagen Daz ice cream bar stuck in my mouth while trying to position my BIG camera and lens for a photo!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      With regard to my eye, yes that may be it. It DID seem to get better very quickly. We will look forward to the photo / photos that you snapped with your BIG LENS. Cap and Patti

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