Just when I finally get-cranked-up to write and publish Part 2 of .. DUCKS, DUCKS AND? .. MORE DUCKS on blogspot, my internet connection or something in the never-never-land of computers and blogspot has prevented me from uploading the necessary photos showing more ducks at our local Hillstrand Pond here in Anchorage.

A WALK IN THE WOODS was a popular book by Bill Bryson about his trek on the Appalachion Trail published in 1997. Patti and I loved the book and it made me think about my walk this morning.

Today (Wednesday August 19th) was the once-a-month day that I take a medication called risedronate for male osteoporosis. This medication has some fairly strict suggestions about its injestion, one being that one does NOT lie down for 30-minutes after swallowing the 150mg blue tablet. Of course I vastly overdo this requirement and make a practice of taking 2 to 3 hour walks (while upright and walking I am NOT laying down) on my risedronate-days.

Below are some photos of today’s WALK IN OUR LOCAL WOODS here adjacent to our Condomininum.

I began my walk crossing a very pleasant wooden bridge.

Boston Ferns out-in-the-wild.

Amazing! Out-in-the-wild they grow green and beautiful with no care. Inside of one’s home, with misting and hours of fussing with them, they grow green with brown leaves throughout them.

Below we are looking back at the wooden bridge after crossing over it.

Below we are leaving the woods behind us and, in the distance up the hill, we will come out onto 15th Avenue, a major road here in Anchorage.

We are now looking back down at the far end of the above path.

15th Avenue is off to the left in the below photo.

The below photo shows the above fence and path into the woods we just walked through.

Below we see 15th Avenue.

Well that-is-that for today’s great, Walk-In-Our-Local-Woods, to pass the time and stay upright on this another of my once-a-month risedrontate medication days.

Smiling .. Cap


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