Monday (yesterday) September 28th 2020.  After a full day (of me) packing, we left Manley Hot Springs at 5:17pm and arrived into Fairbanks at 8:57pm. The day was clear and sunny and the road was as-good-as-it-can-possibly-get.  Patti drove the majority of the trip and I rested. We got into our room about 9:45pm and the two of us are tired. 

Today (Tuesday the 29th of September) we will drive South to Anchorage. 

It is nice to be back in the world of internet reception. That basically (well on television we only got one channel BUT as the televison programers would have it, Patti saw her two favorite news programs and Sunday we got three NFL games) was all we were lacking out in Manley Hot Springs. 

Smiles from myself and Hugs from Patti ..

2 thoughts on “SEP 29, 20 .. ON THE ROAD FROM MANLEY TO FAIRBANKS ..

  1. Robert 94596

    Happy you and Patti got back to Manley for an enjoyable several weeks.
    Got your card on 21Sep. Have fond memories from late Aug-early Sep 2003 of visiting your cabin and of the rest of our travel around AK.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes and don’t forget our most memorable trip up the Alaska Highway in July of 1992 Robert. That was a great trip with Scott along with us. Smiles .. Cap

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