2020 World Series

Fair is fair. Patti and I have been following the World Series and this evening the Los Angeles Dodgers won the World Series beating the Tampa Bay Rays 3 – 1 in game six. It has been thirty-two (32) years since the Dodgers last (1988) won a World Series Title.

I know. ‘Everyone knows the above sporting news.’ But maybe one of you may not and so I have now tied a bow-ribbon around this year’s World Series.

My Injured Right Arm

I had another Physical Therapy (PT)  appointment (my third one) this afternoon. Some additional exercises (all and each of them just a tad challenging). Not (as in NOT) the absolute best-of-times for yours truly. On a zero to ten scale, compared to what-could-have-been, I rate myself as a ten. But when your dominant (my right) arm from the wrist to the shoulder is unhappy and letting me know that it is unhappy (via pain and discomfort day and night) it makes for an overall challenging situation. My therapist(s) (I am working with two young ladies) are wonderful. One explained to me today why they opted to do only x-rays and did not do an MRI and I agree with her explanation. My ace-in-the-hole is down in Phoenix, Arizona (The Mayo Clinic) where Patti and I will be in mid-December so I have time to see how things progress here. If I am not where I want to be (relatively pain free) by mid-December I will play my ace-in-the-hole and get a Mayo Clinic evaluation. 

Let me repeat this : I am not stupid. On a zero (worst) to ten  (best) scale, I am fat and happy (and in some pain and discomfort) at the top of the scale evaluating myself at ten.

Over And Out .. Cap and Patti

Decison : Because recovering from this latest fall is a process NOT an event, and it will take time, maybe a lot of time, I am going to cease discussing this issue UNLESS the wheels-fall-off and I end up in crisis. 

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