FEB 6, 21 .. I AM ONLY ONE .. BUT STILL .. I AM ONE ..

The above title came from the below words .. words I strive to live-by .. words I use when I AM STUCK .. 

I am only one,

But still, 

I AM one.

I cannot do everything,

But still,


And because I cannot do everything

I will NOT refuse to do the something

That I CAN DO.

      Edward Everett  Hale

My mind is telling me what I CANNOT DO now.

But .. What CAN I DO now?

I CAN step outside and snap a few photographs. So since I CAN, I WILL DO this one simple thing.

Now what CAN I DO? Well I CAN upload the photos and post them below.

Looking from our living room outside upon a stunningly nice Saturday, February the 6th, 2021.

Looking out from our bedroom window.

Well, I could end-this-here but I won’t.

We are now scheduled (we have booked and paid for tickets) to fly to Mayo Clinic in early March to take-care-of-some-medical issues. At that time, we both should have our two covid-19 vaccinations. Being vaccinated DOES NOT PROTECT US FROM CONTACTING THE VIRUS. But IF we should contact the virus, our chances of recovering are significantly higher that without being vaccinated. 

Tomorrow ?

Tomorrow, Sunday, February the 7th, 2021, is SUPER BOWL SUNDAY !

We two will be watching-it-all ! From pre-game hype all the way through the game and all of the post-game hype and analysis.

Smiling in anticipation .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “FEB 6, 21 .. I AM ONLY ONE .. BUT STILL .. I AM ONE ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kind of yes and no as to the snow being ‘heavy’ Danny. We plan to enjoy the game for sure. The snow IS beautiful. Smiles and Hugs from the two of us ..

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