It is difficult to imagine, but TODAY has arrived and we will be flying to Phoenix, Arizona, to complete some Mayo Clinic medical appointments that have been ‘pending’ since last August 1st, 2020.

I keep telling myself .. “This is NOT an International trip! We will have all the stores we are used to shopping at IF we forget something. And we are not going for six months or more. Maybe a full month.” This is NOT the case for a long term International trip. My last International Outing was 14 months in duration. You would all be amazed at the difficulty getting certain things can be. 

We published a second Post about our local Sitka Street Park over on blogspot with a closer look at The Climbing Rock. The below link with take you there.

Over and out for now. Cap and Patti

3 thoughts on “MAR 8, 21 .. TODAY WE FLY TO PHOENIX

  1. Tom

    Ginny + I figure you are on the ground in Seattle about now 820 pm Pacific time. Patti & Cap- I typed that sentence & BOOM the phone rang!! Too funny!! Safe travels-we will talk to you Tuesday Vaya con Dios

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