I am actually writing this Friday evening (5:30pm) March the 19th thus the difference in dates (above) that you may notice. 

Patti has now finished all of her Mayo Clinic Appointments. Below is a photo of Patti at her last appointment.

Living large eating Subway Sandwiches..

Living large eating out at Burger King.

Oh Burp ! Loving it all !

This past week has been a blur. 


We are still standing. We hope that Patti’s appointments bear positive fruits. Patti already has a virtual Mayo Clinic Online Appointment for May the 12th. We both are thrilled at Patti’s very effortless recovery from her major procedure for Barrett’s Esophagus last Friday the 12th of March. So far ALL IS SWELL. And we both are optimistic at her current regimen begun today, Friday the 19th of March, aimed at easing a sinus infection and some other issues with her sinus area. 

We now plan to remain in our current motel room until Monday the 29th of March (yes even with its myriad of problems and issues). If you think changing motels is an easy deal, come live with us, spend the days, weeks, months and yes the years we have spent living as transients. You can’t just snap your fingers and pull off a motel change. You have to shop locations, prices, etc et all. THEN perform the hassle of physically moving your belongings. 





Patti hasn’t proof read this Post that I am writing in the Chevrolet Dealership across from our Motel that has NO WiFi anywhere on the property now including the front desk that is accepting cash only payments. Oh My, Oh Yes, they are having their issues and problems.

5 thoughts on “MAR 20, 21 .. LIVING LARGE IN PHOENIX, ARIZONA

  1. Olga

    Hello my dear Patti and Cap!
    You withstand all the problems and issues so steady! I feel like what you’re doing is like transporting a fragile ctystal vase on a bumpy road. I wish you would bring the vase home safe.
    vv vv
    vv v vv
    Many hugs to you and vv vv :-)
    vv vv

  2. Olga

    Cap, Patti! I wanted to send you my friendly love in a shape of a heart but it splited in many Vs so much alike a shape of a heart. I feel it’s not by accident. There are so MANY reasons to loVe you. :-)
    Get well sooner!
    Sincerely yours.

  3. Gullible

    Well, since you seem to be addicted to fast food, try a burger at Wendy’s. Absolutely the best of the fast food. They cost a bit more but are worth every cent. Other than Taco Bell tacos, Wendy’s burgers are the only fast food I will eat.

    Well, Panda Express just opened on Dimond and I might give that a try.

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