In yesterday’s Post I wrote : Tomorrow (Wednesday, March 31st) our truck (that was in the dealership yesterday, Monday the 29th at 7am) will again go to the dealership for some more remedial work (a new starter motor).

The above did not happen.

Today, Wednesday, March 31st, at 12:15pm, Patti had a breathing test at the Mayo Clinic as a result of her appointment yesterday with her Allergy Doctor. Today, at 11am, I had three blood draws as a result of my appointment yesterday with my general practitioner medical Doctor. As a result, we had to have our truck to drive to the Mayo Clinic. So our truck was NOT in the dealership today as I thought it would be yesterday.

Make any sense at all ? I doubt it !

Tomorrow our truck (we hope a new starter motor arrived at the dealership today) will have some more work performed upon it. Patti and I will be without-wheels for the day (as it stands now). We could learn in the morning that the replacement starter motor has not arrived. My customer service representative was not available to me when I dropped the truck off  this late afternoon at 5:45pm so at this writing I haven’t a clue in a carload what’s up.

– – – – – – – – – –

After we finished today’s Mayo Clinic business, the two of us drove to the Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden. Our friends Loran and Gard had given us complementary tickets (worth a total of $45 by the way) to the garden. 

The Desert Botanical Garden is immense. We were lucky if we saw 5% of it ! Far FAR too much walking for Patti BUT we totally enjoyed our visit nonetheless.

Then back ‘home to our motel’ we motored. I then took our truck to the dealership so I won’t have to get up at 7am to do so tomorrow morning.

By the way, we don’t always eat Subway Sandwiches and other restaurant take-away meals. We also cook our own dinner in our room (we have an electric heating element). Tonight we had Zatarains Red Beans and Rice.

All in all, quit a busy day for us.

Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

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