All IS well that ends well.

Yesterday’s trip from Green Valley, Arizona, to Marana (Tucson), Arizona to visit with Patti’s relatives and then on to Yuma, Arizona, ALL WENT WELL.

Yours Truly was up at 6am. We left our Green Valley Hotel at 9:10am and stopped at Costco in Marana, Arizona, to gas-up our rental car and to get some food bars, mixed nuts and a gigantic bag of popcorn. We visited with Patti’s family for an hour and a half and were back on I-10 West at 12:15pm. At 12:45pm we merged onto I-8 and arrived AT our Yuma, Arizona, hotel at 3:30pm. Our total road mileage (Green Valley to Yuma) was 270 miles. 

I crashed and slept for an hour and a half. We made a Walmart shopping visit, cooked dinner in our room and marveled at yet another very successful road trip. WE LOVE THE AIRCONDITIONED RENTAL CAR we are driving while our truck has its transmission rebuilt.

Today, and the rest of our stay here in Yuma, will be spent visiting some old familiar Yuma locations and just relaxing.

Cap and Patti

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