Wednesday April the 28th.

As planned, yesterday we drove down to Oatman, Arizona, to see the old mining town and the wonderful burros that inhabit the area. Tom and Ginny along with Patti and myself greatly enjoyed our day-trip.

IF you wish to see more photos and find some more information about Oatman, please click onto the below link..


Earlier this month, while we were in Yuma, Arizona, Patti and I visited a very special park in Yuma, Roxaboxen Park. Over on blogspot, I have published a Post showing Roxaboxen Park in Yuma.

The name, Roxaboxen, comes from a Children’s Book.

Below is a link to our blogspot post. We hope you will join us in visiting Roxaboxen Park.


Smiles and Hugs from Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “APR 29, 21 .. LAUGHLIN, NEVADA ..

  1. Kitty

    Hi there! Love the burros of course, and glad to follow along your adventures. All is good up here in the Black Hills, and my 3 burros are doing great. The goats and mules are doing good too. Stay well.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow !! So great to hear from you Kitty and to hear you are doing well. Smiles and Hugs from myself and Patti.

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