Saturday the 8th of May. We still don’t have our truck back from the shop and we have no idea of when we will have it nor do we have any diagnosis as to its leaking gas tank and a resolution thereof.

I have gotten onto my bicycle and made two trips to COSTCO to shop and also peddled to our Post Office to post and to check mail and buy stamps.

And ?? 

Below are two links to two blogspot posts that I published dated May 8 (Part 1) and May 7 (Part 2) showing Oatman, Arizona, and its burros, along with some desert scenery, and Cool Springs, Arizona.

We both feel happy to be back and settling into our home base.

Smiles .. Cap and Hugs from Patti

6 thoughts on “MAY 8, 21 .. QUIET TIME IN OUR CONDO .. NO TRUCK YET

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so much Gullible. We now have (as of Wednesday the 12th of May) our truck back and in service. Again such a thoughtful offer !! We truly appreciate it. Cap and Patti

  1. Robert 94596

    Received card today, thanks. Only have been to Reno and environs, several times, in NV and Tucson twice, and Bisbee and Sedona ,each once, in AZ. But did the freeway through Phoenix from Tucson on way to Sedona. BTW, Gay got her degree from Arizona and our first trip to Tucson was her first back on campus since graduating.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow. News to me that Gay is a U of A Tucson degree holder. One time (I think) you were with me in Nevada with Fast Eddie and Mauricio and the open wheeled formula car weren’t we? Not 100% sure at this point in time. Smiles Cap

  2. Robert 94596

    Yes, that was quite the adventure at that (Formula B?) race on a South Shore Tahoe subdivision’s undeveloped streets. You did a real overnighter on that car’s engine.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      I can’t, for the life of me, recall the class Fast Eddie Marshall was running the formula car in Robert. I don’t recall a Formula B. There was a Formula Vee for the Volkswagen powered formula cars.

      FORMULA (Sports Car Club of America)
      The eight formula classes are all single-seat, open wheel racecars. They are built to detailed specifications for weight, size and engine displacement. There are incredible power to weight ratios in each class. The classes in order of fastest to slowest are: Formula Atlantic® (FA), Formula 1000 (FB), Formula SCCA® (FE), Formula Continental® (FC), Formula Mazda (FM), Formula F (FF), Formula 500 (F500) and Formula Vee® (FV).

      The above is current and NOT what they were way back in the 1960’s !! Yes THAT long ago Robert.

      Smiles .. Cap

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