Perhaps it’s been a full month, but one day a grown Rabbit showed up on the green belt behind our condo. His (assuming it is a male which is logical) comings and goings are infrequent but mostly occur in the evening hours. We have reason to believe that he has a family because one time we saw two younger (that is they were smaller than our favorite) Rabbits playing or romping. Then another Rabbit sighting took place right on our front porch where one of the younger ones was being harrassed by a Magpie. Frightened this bunny came almost to our back door and looking up at Patti with pleading eyes (please let me in so I can get away from this bird that is attacking me) asking for assistance. The Magpie then saw Patti and flew away. We have not seen any of the young Rabbits since the above two sightings.

The below photos are the best I could do with my small Nikon Coolpix camera because when the Bunny comes to spend time, he hunkers down some distance from us. If we appear to be threatening him, he dashes away at a significant speed. I had no idea Rabbits could move as fast as this one can.

When he comes to visit, he will stay quite a while, perphaps 30 minutes, and then will move 10 or 15 feet and again remain for another lengthy visit. Then 4 or 5 days will pass with no Rabbit sightings and we worry something may have happened to him.


Cap and Patti


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