My discussions about smarphones with Gord and I go back to September of 2019 when I purchased my very first smartphone in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Our discussions, and me sharing my experience, centered on this one issue : Does Gord need a smartphone.


Now a Promise Made IS a Debt Unpaid and I solemly promised Gord this morning that I would update him on the above topic  (CELL AND SMARTPHONES .. HAVING SIX AND COUNTING).

Here we go loop de loop Gord.

Once upon a time, say almost (more or less) ten years ago, we (Patti and I) had very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones. 

As you can see below Gord, the center three were Tracfone ‘flip phones’. The outside two were Nokia, also  very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones. 

Life was good Gord. No problems. We could call, we could receive calls and we could text. We could NOT get photos or anything as advanced as internet applications.

So what happened Gord?

Well, now just over two years ago, back in the Autumn of 2019, on September the 25th, while I was living in Mongolia, BECAUSE both my Russian and my Mongolian and yes my Hong Kong and even Korean friends, who by-the-way all had the more advanced Smartphones, I became aware of an app (short for application Gord) called WhatsApp.

Using WhatsApp they could call, text, send and receive photos and even videos on YouTube as well as other internet data transmissions, (literally) anywhere on the planet at (basically) NO COST. Yes, there is a small cost (it is in terms of data usage) but basically it is inexpensive if not actually free.

Because I knew I would be returning to the United States, and because of all of my contacts in Asia that I wanted to remain in-touch-with, I made the decision to purchase a Smartphone.

I ended the above Post here on thusly : 

Now Sports Fans .. Your Captain can join the World of WhatsApp and who knows what else awaits me.

Smiling From Ear To Ear.. 

I am still smiling, on September the 28th 2021, From Ear To Ear Gord.

Having WhatApp is, at least for me, absolutely essential to reamain in-touch-with-the-world.

And you Gord ? You have no need (as we talked about back in the Autumn of 2019) for WhatsApp.

However, when I arrived home in the United States in December of 2019, little did I realize that my Samsung Gallaxy A10 was going to light up as we were landing in Seattle, because all he wants in order to perform is an internet WiFi signal. 

OK this ends the discussion on Smartphones.

 – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


As I mentioned above, for neigh onto ten years, Patti and I have had our very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones. 

Two weeks ago we were notified by our cell phone provider (Tracfone) that our current (very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones) had to be replaced IF we still wanted cell phone service with Tracfone because Tracfone was moving ahead in technology and our older phones were going to be phased out-of-service.

Guess What? Each of them have phone numbers. Guess What? Both Patti and I want to keep these ten year old phone numbers. Does that make sense? Add to this the fact that our old, very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones come forward with several hundreds of minutes for talking and texting. We would lose them if we didn’t move forward with their phone numbers. And their minutes are free of charge. So all we pay for is the purchase ($59 each) of the Tracfone Samsung Galaxy A10e smartphones.

Simple. Update our phones or give up our ten year duration phone numbers.

We chose to update our current very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones. 

Let me tell you Gord. I don’t think that you can even purchase very basic, low cost, extremely simple, cell phones anymore. So we went straight to Samsung Galaxy A10e Smartphones.

“Cap that accounts for four (4) phones. You mentioned six (6) phones.”

Correct Gord.

Smartphone Number 5 .. We currently have a land line telephone. It costs fifty ($50) a month. We can move this land line phone number (one Patti has had for over thirty (30) years) to a Smartphone and carry it with us all over the world. We can’t do that with the land line phones. They are stationary and static.

Smartphone Numer 6 .. I plan to move my Mongolian Smartphone number to a Tracfone Smartphone and keep the Mongolian Smartphone for Alaska-use-only service. There are places up here where on our local telephone provider (GCI) is the only game in town, such as Manley Hot Springs where our cabin is. IF we want phone service up in Manley Hot Springs, we MUST have GCI telephone service.

Gord Oh Gord.

Got it? Good, I hope.

And NO Gord, you don’t need to move to a Smartphone unless your telephone service carrier does what ours (Tracfone) just did to us .. Get new phones or lose service and the phone numbers.

Smiling Gord .. Cap

Now Gord I need to get packing for our trip North to Manley Hot Springs tomorrow, Wednesday, September the 29th, where we must have GCI service IF we want to call or text.

Honestly Gord, I needed to write this Post for my own reality check.

“Six Smartphones Captain?”

Smiles .. Cap


    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Gullible .. I would crumble IF I had to walk your walk during your preparation for your upcoming trip to Africa, and you having to deal with getting visas from numerous countries (and not being able to speak to anyone during the process) during this Covid-19 time period. Beside this challenge that you successfuly navigated, having six smartphones is nothing. Smiling .. Cap

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