TOMORROW, Tuesday, November 30th ..

God Be Willing, Patti and I will be flying to the Southwest part of the United States (Nevada and Arizona) for the next several months (read : until late April / early May 2022) to deal with some medical issues at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix and enjoy the longer days with a lot of sun and no snow where we will be.

I personally will-believe-it when we are on our Flight South and then when we have our feet on the ground IN Nevada. 

We published another (fun for us at least) Post on blogspot about our three favorite walking routes here in our local neighborhood and how we have figured out the length of them.

And? For What It’s Worth, our friend and Ally Gullible has published Chapter 6 of her Africa 2021 trip. 

Chapter 6 – In Which Marg Comes to the Rescue

The below link with take you directly to her website.

We hope you have some fun with, and enjoy, this Post.

Cap and Patti

Oh !! For What It’s Worth !! This Post is the one thousand, seven hundredth (1,700) Post here on I humbly thank my webmaster Andrej for all of his assistance over the past ten years (and counting).

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