There will come a day for all of us when a trip will be the final and last trip of this lifetime. In comparing notes with some other savvy and serious world travelers, we all agree that, with our increasing ages, travel is becoming much, MUCH more demanding and stressful. Covid-19 has not helped any of us wishing to travel out of the country by creating a most difficult traveling environment (basically anywhere at any time).

All the way up to, and including, this past Monday evening, November 29th, it seemed almost impossible to actually visualize this trip. Monday night I just could not clearly conceptualize that in a mere few hours, Patti and I would be packed and ready to travel and futher get out of bed in time to leave our Condo at 0430 hours (4:30am). To do this we were up around 0200 hours (2am). 

Yet here we are, safe and sound, in Laughlin, Nevada.

Yes, we were packed and out in front of our Condo at 0430 hours.

Yes we got to the Anchorage Airport ahead of the recommended 2 hours before our flight.

Yes Oh Yes we were through Security (as fast as is humanly possible in this day and age) and AT OUR DEPARTURE GATE a full 1-1/2 hours before our departure time of 0705 hours.

Yes we were the first to board our flight.

Yes we had a very pleasant (well I slept a good part of it being on the edge of exhaustion) flight arriving in Seattle a tad early. 

Yes we were again boarded first on our flight from Seattle to Las Vegas.

Yes we landed in Las Vegas about 30 minutes early and Detroit Tiger Tom was on time waiting to help us load our luggage into our (happy to see us after 6 or so months) GMC Suburban. 

Yes we saw and visited friends in Las Vegas en route South. 

When we got to our hotel here in Laughlin, Nevada, the usual line of perhaps 20 people queued up to register (a usual 45 minutes of standing) was gone ! There was not even one single person asking a question and the on duty staff merrily waved me over the minute they saw me coming.

Then Patti and myself and Tom and Ginny (after Ginny fed us some outstanding Thanksgiving Turkey sandwiches on dark rye bread with lots of ice tea) watched Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune and visited and visited and visited more. 

And ? 

Patti and I are on the edge of exhaustion.

Happy but very tired.

And ? Safe and sound. 

The trip could NOT have gone any better !!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – 


For What It’s Worth, our friend and Ally Gullible has published Chapter 7 of her Africa 2021 trip

Chapter 7 – In Which My Heart Finds a Forever Home Away from Home

The below link with take you directly to her website.

So there you have it !!

Smiles and Hugs from Cap and Patti

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