For What It’s Worth, our friend and Ally Gullible has published Chapter 8 of her Africa 2021 trip

Chapter 8 – In Which the Selinda Reserve Amazes

The below link with take you directly to her website.

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Once upon a time, a friend who was coming upon ten years of recovery, stated that he’d never experienced this phenomenon.

I can echo his feelings for me being age 85. I don’t know IF what I am feeling is ‘normal’ for age 85 or it is unusual. I will simply say this : If my mind thinks (and yes it does) that after all it took for us to get here (all of the pre trip planning and packing and middle of the night flights etc) that one good night of sleep and I’m back to 100% it is seriously mistaken.

I’ve now had four good nights of sleep (the mattress in our room is so good I told Patti maybe we need a new mattress at home) and I am still ‘whacked out’ tired. Yes Oh Yes, I am (really a little more than) fully functional (Patti is amazed) but feeling a level of exhaustion that is hard or impossible to explain.

On a zero to ten scale (ten being tops) this entire trip, to this instant, would rate a fifty it has been THAT good. It’s just that I feel like falling down much of the waking day and were I to do so (fall down) in some of the places I’ve been snapping photos, it would NOT be a good thing.

To get the below photos, I was NOT in a boat. No, I was walking on the edge of the Colorado River to shoot photos across the river of our Edgewater Hotel and Casino. In the first two photos below, the Edgewater is on the left.

Our friend Olga, from Chita in Russian Siberia, asked me why a hotel, in the middle of the desert, was named the Edgewater. I shot these (and many more) photos to show Olga that the Edgewater Hotel is alongside of the Colorado River.

Now Olga do you understand ?

Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti..

6 thoughts on “DEC 5, 21 .. A HOTEL .. IN THE DESERT NAMED .. THE EDGEWATER ..

  1. Olga

    Hi Cap, Patti
    I’m really impressed with all that beauty!
    It was quite unexpectedly to see “water” and exactly speaking Colorado’s (Grand River’s) Waters from the other side of your hotel. WOW! The landscape is fascinating! You’re lucky to be fed with the ENERGY of such places :-) I wish you and Patti enough energy here to feel not that as “…. a level of exhaustion….”
    Love and miss you
    Sincerely yours

    1. Olga

      Ho, ho! That’s where you take the ENERGY, Cap!
      And your site is a place for my new CREATIVE solutions for my life!
      (I wonder how you do it!)

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