Many (Most??) of you will read this tomorrow, Saturday, February the 5th. You will see the date is FEB 4, 22, and think that you’ve already read this Post. Au contraire. This is PART 2 (you may’ve read PART 1).

Friday, the 4th of February 2022, began when I arose at 5am in the o’dark o’clock of the early morning here in Phoenix, Arizona. Today was Patti’s appointment for a procedure to continue the process of curing, or arresting the progress of Patti’s esophagus disorder called Barrett’s Esophagus. We know not all of you are able to follow our website each and every day and IF you would like a little information about Barrett’s Esophagus please click onto the below Cleveland Clinic link..


I awoke Patti around 5:30am. Because Patti was ‘fasting’ I took my breakfast with me in our truck to save time. I ended up so busy that I did not eat until we returned ‘home’ to our Motel 6 after Patti’s procedure was completed.

We were out and on the road at 5:45am. Driving ‘at-the-limit’ and ‘flowing-with-the-traffic’ (80 miles per hour or more) on Phoenix Loop 101 (race track) we arrived at the Mayo Clinic Hospital Specialty Building PHX 3 at 6:00am. We were ‘screened’, and we were given Mayo Clinic Facemasks (HALYARD 25868, FLUIDSHIELD 1 PROCEDURE masks Lavender) that all visitors are required to use. You don’t want to wear their mask. Fine. You don’t enter the facility!

We then went upstairs to the 2nd floor of Mayo PNX 3 and we checked in at 6:15am for Patti’s 6:30am appointment.

Patti was almost immediately taken-back into the preparation area for her procedure. At 7:05am I was able to join Patti and be at her bedside (holding her hand) visiting with her.

When I returned to the waiting lounge, I was given Patti’s Case Number, 2000445630635.

Below you can see an illuminated Patient Case Number Board.

Have an up close, in-your-face, look at the above board.

The above Case Number Board allows everyone who is waiting for a loved one, undergoing various procedures, to follow their progress.

Meanwhile why was I busy? You all may think that I just sat quietly in the waiting lounge until Patti was finished.

First, Patti had a 6am appointment for an MRI scheduled for February 17th at the Mayo Shea Campus which is a solid, no-nonsense, 30-minute drive at-the-limit (80 mph) one way. I was able to work with a live and in person Mayo Scheduler (Christina M) who signed Patti in, and she finally was able to get Patti’s appointment reschedued to Sunday the 27th of February at 4pm. 

Then I myself had a 10am appointment (also at the Mayo Shea Campus) next Tuesday the 8th, to have a Bone Density Imaging Scan that I had tried (at least) six times to change with no results. This miracle lady (Christina M) got me an appointment at 8:30am THIS MORNING, downstairs from Patti’s procedure on the 2nd floor. After I left Patti’s side, I dashed downstairs to get my (just scheduled) Bone Density Imaging Scan. At 7:45am I got checked in for my 8:30am appointment. I was immediately called into the X-Ray facililty and I was scanned and finished at 8:10am!

Meanwhile, it was about 7:20am when Patti was taken into the Surgical Operating Room for her procedure that began at 7:48am. And (get this) at 8:11am (only 23 minutes later) Patti was in the recovery area.

Back upstairs I trotted and at 8:11am was advised that Patti was in the recovery area. 

Do you all see Patti, 2000445630635 Waking up. Patti’s case number is four up from the bottom.

IF I hadn’t gotten in and out of the Bone Density Imaging Scan procedure so fast, I might not have been Johnny-on-the-spot and ready to go out to our truck and be at the door when Patti was brought down at 9:05am.

And I was very busy in between the above actions. I was texting some of YOU with periodic updates as to Patti’s progress. Trust me! I was very busy.

After we (myself and a Mayo wheel chair assistant) got Patti into our truck, we took the long, easy, relaxed route back to our Motel 6. 

And? Patti was cold. So we got her bundled up in blankets and one of my down comforters. Patti was very awake. And? I turned my back to get some water. And? Patti was sound asleep. As I write these words Patti has been sleeping (getting up once to go to the restroom) nine (9 count them) hours with no end in sight.

This was a serious procedure and Patti was NOT sedated but had a full anesthetic. At our ages there is a real recovery time just from the anesthetic.

The time has come to say Ciao4now.


Yes indeed! Along with Patti, I TOO am at the point of exhaustion.

8 thoughts on “FEB 4, 22 .. PART 2 .. PATTI’S PROCEDURE AT THE MAYO CLINIC

  1. Linda "eArThworm" Patton

    I’m really surprised you weren’t also asleep for 9 hrs. Sounds like a grueling day. I have GERD and was recently tested (negative) for the same thing Patti has. I really hope she’ll be OK. Take care.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Linda. Oh yes. We are not alone in this. Yes it WAS a challenging and grueling day. As to the GERD and its effects, keep on it and don’t let your guard down. So far things look OK. The results of the biopsy tests will tell it all. Smiles and Hugs from Patti and me. Cap

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much Olga for your comment. Olga, it is simply called : Walking The Road Of Life. What is, IS. And we have to just accept the basic facts of life. YOU too are walking a challenging Road Of Life. So together, we all support one another. Smiles Cap with Hugs from Patti

      1. Olga

        Thanks be to God!
        You’re writing this reply to my comment. It means everything is OK. And my dear Patti has awoken from that “with no end in sight” sleep safe and sound.
        Love you both and send you all my energy I could share with you to recover!

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          True Olga. Just my replying via WhatsApp means things are O.K. here. Yes Patti has recovered from her bothersome headache thanks to Tylenol and one, two capsule, dose and lots of rest. Ciao4now (Patti wondered IF you understood that and your replied Ciao! Wonderful!). Cap and Patti

  2. Michael d.

    OMG! What a grueling itinerary! The stress and strain of it all! EGADS!! Yet, Cap and Patti, I’ve had the wonderful joys of traveling with you both over a week at a time and I’ve always taken a back seat to Cap’s meticulous scheduling skills! Thank God for another Angel (both of you!) in our lives. Without your planning skills my life at times seems like that of Curly’s (The 3 Stooges!). And then, voila, along comes Cap with the next-in-series appointment! Yes, Cap, you alongside Patti, and taking charge and notching off all of the ‘next steps’….and even taking time out to text all of us! Thank you both for being you and sharing your joy, and skills so generously. I did text you back with MHO (my own humble opinion) that I’ve learned “that we’re all here walking each other home”. God Bless both of you! Patti, may you recover quickly and well! We still have a lot of ‘walking each other’ left to do!
    Love you both, forever…and more…
    Michael d.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      OMG! What an incredible comment Michael! I so appreciate all of your accolades! Jumping down to the end of your comment, we too hope we ‘have lots of walking each other’ remaining in our time here in the now. Smiles and Hugs .. Cap and Patti

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