At this writing, Sunday evening, February the 6th, all is as well as can possibly be expected as to the progress of Patti’s recovery from her procedure last Friday the 4th of February. Only one thing really bothered her, a nagging and very bothersome headache. I concluded our last post saying the Tylenol helped her headache. Now we can say it not only helped, but she is free from the headache.

– – – — – – – – – – –

I was totally ‘one upped’ last Saturday by Hugh, my service advisor at the Chevrolet dealership across the street from our Motel.

As I picked up our Suburban, I asked, “Are the keys in the ignition Hugh?”

Smiling (Hugh is one really great gentleman) he said, “Cap, I just handed the keys to you! They are in your left hand!”

So I countered with, “Isn’t this aging process something! From time to time I will be looking, looking and looking some more for my eye glasses. Then (because I seemed to be seeing things with great clarity) I said to myself, “Maybe I don’t need them anymore I can see so well!”

And? The rest of the story : I will have been wearing my eye glasses as I was looking for them!

Hugh countered : “One time I was frantically looking for my cell phone and could NOT find it!”

And? The rest of Hugh’s story : “Suddenly I realized that I was ON my cell phone talking to a customer as I was frantically looking for the cell phone I had in my hand!”

Ciao4now .. Cap and Patti