FEB 12, 22.. MAYO CLINIC..

This post is published on Saturday the 12th of February but it is about..

Friday, February 11th.

At 8:15am this morning, Patti and I had absolutely no appointments at the Mayo Clinic (or elsewhere) today.

Then I telephoned the Mayo Clinic scheduling office and by 8:30am..

Voila.. Suddenly we both had medical appointments today!

For almost two weeks I have been showing the above screening badges you must have to enter the Mayo Clinic.

BUT I have never shown what the badges actually look like on your clothing.

Pattil had a blood test at 11:10am at the Mayo Clinic. Then we went to a noon meeting.

1:30pm I had a medical appointment that lasted until past 2:20pm.

Then we sat and chilled out in the cafeteria.

And we enjoyed a wonderful tuna and vegetable wrap with some fruit. We did some errand runs and came back to our motel and watched some of the Winter Olympics on television.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl. Then? The football season is all over and finished.

That’s all for now.

Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “FEB 12, 22.. MAYO CLINIC..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      No not really. We had one particular appointment (an MRI for Patti’s hip) that fell on Sunday the 27th of February at 4pm. We had all of our Mayo associates working to get that appointment moved up with no luck. So I called and hit a bingo and got it moved to this upcoming Tuesday the 15th. Then, O By The Way, I asked this magic Mayo scheduler (Liz) what it would look like for me to get in to see my Urologist and bingo, I had an appointment at 1:30pm. Then, O By The Way, Liz can you do something for Patti’s blood work order from her G.I. doctor and Liz the Magician said how about 11:10am in a few hours! Timing is everything. Smiling at our good timing. O By The Way, I submitted a formal, on an official Mayo Clinic evaluation and comment form about the work Liz did for us. When you’re hot, your’re hot! Cap

  1. Olga

    It looks like you really don’t like keeping calm :-)
    Though I also have a question in my turn…
    Cap, why can I never see a plate with SOUP among the dishes you often take pictures of?

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