Today (Thursday the 24th) we are IN our room. Our truck is at the dealer across the street for a few days (promised back this upcoming Saturday).

Wednesday February 23rd.

In yesterday’s Post I wrote : This (rather early) morning at 7:45am Patti will have one of the most important medical appointments during this visit to the Mayo Clinic. 

We were up at 6:15am. We were out the door at 6:50am. We were at the Mayo Clinic (Shea campus) at 7:25am for Patti’s 7:45am check in. 

We saw Patti’s doctor. The below comments to yesterday’s Post will tell Patti’s story.

Gullible commented : Good luck for Patti with this most important medical appointment. Are you going to tell us or is that too much information?

I replied to Gullible : Hi Gullible .. Patti has dealt with very, VERY bothersome back pain for a fair number of years. She has gotten (very VERY successful) injections into her lower spine dating way back into the 1990’s. However the last time Patti saw an orthopedic pain doctor here at the Mayo Clinic was in 2018 (over four years ago) at which time she last received these injections. At Mayo you must see a doctor within three years if you want to keep your status active. We were afraid (after talking with the scheduling department) her (2018) doctor would no longer see her since it’s now been over four years. Then suddenly she was given an appointment for the 23rd. And? After seeing her (2018) doctor, Patti now has an appointment for an injection next Monday the 28th of February !! Stunningly great news for the two of us. Thanks Gullible for asking. Cap

This basically says-it-all. We are thrilled at this turn of events.

– – – – – – – – – – – – 

Does it ever rain here in Phoenix, Arizona ??

You might want to check out our post that we just published over on blogspot by clicking onto the below link..


Let me tell you that it is stressful and tiring to drive in heavy rain in almost bumper to bumper traffic moving at 80 miles per hour!

And we had a full day. I had to go to the UPS Store to get some copies of an email from the Mohave County Court concerning our truck being stolen on December 24th, 2021. Then we met with the Dean of the College of Engineering at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, where I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. The dean was accompanied by a top aide who is in charge of accepting funds and establishing endowment funds for scholarships. We discussed my endowment fund. I am paying it forward. From 1960 into 1963 I received financial assistance after I returned to college following my United States Marine Corps active duty. Now I am in the position to help today’s engineering students who may need a little financial assistance.

Back to our Chevrolet Dealership (across the street from our Motel 6) we came to have our GMC Suburban’s door locks serviced. We hope to have Black Beauty back this upcoming Saturday. 

Shopping at Walmart. Watching Jeopardy. Watching Wheel of Fortune. Eating dinner and here I am after publishing the above Post on blogspot and writing this Post.


It IS my bedtime !

Cap and Patti (who is tired out just from watching me all day).

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