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And Gullible has another Post from her trip to Africa ..

Chapter 28 – In Which We Visit a Maternity Ward or Two or Three

All my life I’d longed for adventure, but I’d done so without realizing it was almost always a consequence of carefully laid plans going badly wrong…. –Verne Albright, author of Horseback across Three Americas

To see Chapter 28 of Gullible’s Africa 2021 trip please click onto the below link ..

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Patti and I are just loving the winter down here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.


Last night we celebrated his Birthday with our friend Michael.

Guess what we enjoyed?

Singapore Rice Noodles !!

If by chance you have read our Posts about the Havasu Deuce Show last Saturday, just look at what was parked outside our restaurant.

A REAL, five window, 1932 vintage, Ford Deuce Coupe. Out on the street and being driven.

After I snapped the above photos, a VERY pleased, senior citizen owner and I exchanged salutes! Then he followed us out and up the street.

AND ?? Survivor began it’s 42nd Season this evening and we loved the two hour opening show. We caught Jeopardy on YouTube.

Living life large down here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. And ?? We ARE really Loving it !!

Cap and Patti

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