Let’s get to first-things-first .. Our Friend .. Our Ally .. Gullible has published her 33rd Post showing her visit to Africa last October 2021. 

Gullible ended her post with these words ..  Next: I don’t know yet.

Patti and I wonder if Gullilble is about finished with this series of Posts.

By clicking onto the below link you will be transported to :

Chapter 33: In Which We See Spots and More Spots, and Save a Few

Baby cheetahs are born with the most epic Mohawk on their backs. In the wild, it protects the babies by camouflaging them to look like a cutthroat carnivore called a honey badger.


Patti and I (as we always do) enjoyed Gullible’s latest Post.

– – – – – – – – – – – –

TOMORROW .. TUESDAY APRIL THE 19th .. Our great friend Tom (who is living here in Laughlin, Nevada, will drive Patti and I North to Las Vegas where we will board a flight to Seattle, Washington. We will have a layover in Seattle and then board a late night flight North to Anchorage, Alaska, arriving early tomorrow morning, April 20th. 

Monday April the 18th 2022

Today, Patti and I will be preparing for our flight tomorrow.

That’s All Folks !!

Cap and Patti

Eva, our great friend and neighbor in Anchorage, brightened up our (already bright) Easter Sunday with the below photogenic gifts ..



Thank You So VERY MUCH Eva ..

4 thoughts on “APR 18, 22 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Michael d.

    I want to wish you both safe travels and bon voyage! I am so grateful for our time spent together here in LHC, and Mohave Co! We are family! And no one knows each other like we do. We have loved and supported one another for at least the past couple decades. And the love, joy, emotional support, not to forget the memories of all of our adventures….”we know you will not want to miss this!” (BB..Chap.7)
    I will miss you more than you may realize and I am so deeply grateful for our time spent together. And you’ve been away from you home, your beautiful Alaska, and it’s time to get back to rejoice in her majesty!
    Au revoir, my spiritual guides, my angels in skin suits, my kindred spirits.
    I love you so very much.
    Michael d.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow !! Wowie !! What an absolutely wonderful comment Michael !! We too miss you BUT we too have missed our home up here in Alaska and with the wonderful Alaskan Summer about to blossom are happy to be back. NO Spring has not yet blossomed, there were ample amounts of snow scattered hither and yon as our taxi took us home from the airport this early Wednesday morning and I was cccold (at 31°F) as we had to wait (me in a light weight Arizona hot weather shirt) ouside the airport for a taxi. I was also a little bit (a pun on Little Bit) cold on the aircraft but they no longer give out blankets due to Covid-19 protocals. And again thanks for your deeply meaningful comment Michael .. Your Allies .. Cap and Patti

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