Wednesday April the 20th 2022

Welcome back home to Alaska. The below very sweet Welcome Home Greetings were on our doorstep when we arrived at our Condo from the airport.

Below are some photos showing that (what we call break-up) Spring seems to be well on its way to replacing winter.

Looking out back from our living room.

Looking at the above line of snow from out on the green strip.

Turning around 180 degrees.

Looking out front from our bedroom window.

Looking at our parking lot.

Turning to our right and looking across the street.

So yes ! We still have some snow on the ground BUT the roads and the sidewalks are clear and dry.

When does it get easy?

The Saga (a long story of heroic achievement) begins :

Late in the afternoon I went to pick up our truck from where it is stored when we are away for a prolonged period of time. It did not go well. The engine turned over (so the batteries are just fine) but it would not start. After at least a full hour and a half of trying to get some gasoline into it, I will not go into the details, I called it quits and went home to watch the televison show Survivor with Patti. 

Some details I just said I will not go into : As I was crossing the street after walking to a nearby gas station, I was holding a one gallon container of gasoline I had purchased at the gasoline station, a lady called out to me offering to assist me. I accepted. She drove me back to the storage yard. I basically got about 50% of the one gallon of gasoline into our truck. Still would not start (no wonder Captain). Off to Walmart to buy a 5 gallon gasoline container we went. Filled it up at another gas station. Back to the truck. I could NOT get the gas into the truck (a long story). Back to Walmart to get a funnel and my cane I’d left there from our first visit. I still (the funnel was too short) could not get gasoline into our truck. My Angel-From-God had to get to the airport to pick up her husband waiting for her. She drove me home, met Patti briefly, and took off for the airport. I went into our Condo and (somehow, When does it get Easy) managed to get our streaming televison service to work and we watched Survivor. I then lay down and slept until 2am and here I sit publishing this Post.

When does it get easy? NEVER !!

Still standing. Still smiling. Still very VERY happy to be back home.

Cap and Patti

10 thoughts on “APR 21, 22 ..WE’RE HOME .. THE SAGA BEGINS

  1. Kathleen

    What a nice welcome home. Well, other than your vehicle. I hope you can get it resolved, if not easily, at least cheaply. I can relate to the frustration. I had plans to go the chiropractor. My vehicle, which hasn’t been used for probably 2 weeks, decided there was no juice in the battery. It’s a Ford C-Max Hybrid with the batteries in the back of the car which is backed into the garage. I checked the manual. No tips on what to do when the batteries are dead. So, a long phone call with my service department where to find the battery terminals (in the rear) but fortunately there is a positive node in the front. I couldn’t find the negative as it was described over the phone. So, AAA has been called and I am hoping they will have a clue. Gold plated problems. The bigger disappointment is that I won’t be able to get my lunch from a place that serves Cajun food. Jambalaya, fried catfish, hush puppies etc. I was really looking forward to that. Oh well. I do have food at home. The suffering is only emotional. Cheers!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thank you so very much for your comment Kathleen. It seems to be a universal truth that, only those of us who have actually experienced any type of challenging issue can fully understand it Kathleen. This is why, that in the Rooms of Recovery, people are able to recover because they are with others who FULLY UNDERSTAND FROM THEIR OWN ACTUAL EXPERIENCE what each is going through. When Doctor Bob first met Bill Wilson, he came away thinking that here is someone who has actually experienced my problem and is not lecturing me from textbook knowledge. Make sense? I hope so. ONLY you know, because of your actual experience with depression, what this long term covid-19 fatigue that I am feeling is all about. Thanks so very much for your words here Kathleen. Cap

  2. Gullible

    You’re streaming television now? When did that happen? I thought you were on cable.

    No, getting home after a long trip can go horribly awry. My truck wouldn’t start after a month. That is very unusual. Needed a jump and away I went.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Last Fall Gullible, back around October 2021, GCI here in Anchorage, totally stopped (or began its phasing out) its cable television program. We had absolutely no choice in the matter. We switched to streaming (we opted to utilize GCI’s Yukon Televison) or we didn’t have any televison. Navigating it is a challenge believe me. Smiles Cap and Patti (who currently won’t touch it asking that I please do the signing-in process).

      1. Gullible

        I don’t know what is available with GCI but I have been watching some exceptional dramas on Britbox. I mean EXCEPTIONAL! Most are produced by BBC. If you can sign up for Britbox, do so.

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          Give us some sports and Jeopardy and Wheel and we’ll be happy Gullible. GCI has its own system, Yukon T.V. and that is it. And so far we’re re-learning how to navigate it. I have no idea whatsoever what Britbox is. Something from England ? YES !! BBC based. BritBox is an online digital video subscription service, founded by BBC Studios and ITV plc, serving the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.
          As always thanks for your input Gullible. Cap and Patti

      2. Gullible

        I cancelled my satellite TV programing and started streaming last year so I am familiar with navigating. Sometimes it can be very frustrating. So, in order for you to stream, your internet speed had to increase, right? Do you have a Wi-fi router now?

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          We have had WiFi for some time Gullible thus a router. The WiFi / router is not new to us. Our internet speed is just fine else we could not use GCI’s Yukon TV service. This being said the challenge of turning on our T.V. Then turning on the device to navigate the streaming Yukon T.V. service is the challenge. We had learned it, were gone 4 – 1/2 months and are starting over. The challenge of aging memory. Smiling.. Cap and Patti who has been skittish about navigating Yukon T.V. but is doing so again.

  3. Eva

    You have me beat with your story about getting gas into your truck. On the 19th I locked myself out of my condo. I didn’t have a key to my apt. Alas you had the other key and you were 20,000 leagues in the sky on your return to Alaska. Luckily my son was in town and he had a key in his house. He couldn’t leave work so I crawled under the deck to get his lock box and opened his house to get the key to my condo. Then I crawled back under the deck to put his key back in place. I got a ride back and forth from Ann. So NOW I HAVE A LOCK BOX ON MY DOORKNOB. End of story.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Some fun huh Eva ? When is life going to get (at least a little bit) easier ? After your recent fall (on your face) you didn’t need the drama of crawling around under his deck and back again. For some reason we thought you already had a lock box on your door. Sounds like a great idea. Still Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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