Patti has been in her condominium here in Anchorage since early 1990, or thirty two (32) years. The condo was built around 1983 or almost forty (40) years ago. This means that her washer/dryer unit is almost forty (40) years old.

Although both the washer and dryer continue to work to our satisfaction, we both felt that the time had come to replace them rather than waiting for them to fail and having no service in the meantime.

This turned out to be a great concept because (due to the small size of the closet they are housed in) a new General Electric unit had to be ordered from Home Depot and it has taken almost a full month for the new unit to be delivered to our local Home Depot Store.

Our forty year old unit in its small enclosure.

Tuesday, July 12th 2022

Last Friday we were advised the new unit had been received and we were told it would be delivered today between 6am and 8pm with the stipulation they would call us 30 minutes before arriving. Yes I am not kidding you. Well, we lucked out. The new unit arrived about 4:00pm in the afternoon and we were not awakened at (or near) 6am.

Too funny. The Home Depot crew arrived in a U-HAUL rental truck.

Our brand new washer/dryer unit really looked great. Even better than we imagined it would.


When Does It Get Easy?

Due to an issue with the plumbing in our 40 year old condominimum, the Home Depot crew could NOT install our new washer/dryer! One of the hot/cold water on/off valves was not operational. The water MUST be shut off before you disconnect the water hoses necessary for the washer.

What to do?

We called our Condo Association and were advised that next Monday morning we will have a plumber come to our condo. The water into the building must first be turned off for several hours. This will allow the other residents in the building to be given advanced notice their water will be off temporarily.

What to do?

With our new washer/dryer?

Put it in our bedroom!

“Mom and Dad? What am I doing in your Bedroom?” /s/ New GE Washer/Dryer.

Still smiling. It’ll all work out. It’s only money.

Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “JUL 12, 22 (3/3) .. A DAY WITH GREAT EXPECTATIONS ..

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It now looks like next Tuesday the 19th of July will be THE Day Gullible when our new washer/dryer unit gets installed. Our plumber is coming on Monday the 18th to replace the hot/cold water valves that (after 40 years) have stopped functioning. So from 6am until 8pm next Tuesday we have to be on-the-alert for a call from Home Depot advising us their crew will be at our condo within the next 30 minutes. Still Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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