Thirty (30) years ago today, it was on a Thursday, August 6th, 1992, Patti and I met in a noon meeting here in Anchorage, Alaska. Snap your fingers and thirty (30) years have passed. Oh My, Oh My, we are not able to list each and every single one of the incredible adventures that we two have shared since that most special day in our lives.

Our days are getting shorter, yet for many of you, they are still longer than your days!

The below photos were snapped in our local Sitka Street Park yesterday evening at 10:10PM.

The sun set at 10:26PM.

It was a wonderfully cool, 59° F, evening.

Cap and Patti


  1. Michael d.

    Oh, my God! 30 yrs? Congratulations to my two best friends. I hope you are celebrating with endless laughter, joy and love! I feel so privileged to have spent many close, intimate moments and watched your respect, dedication and never-ending love work in magical ways! Celebrate, dear Cap and Patti and know in your hearts that Little Bit and I are there with you in spirit!
    And thank you so much for the letter! I savor the generous thoughts and wear your reflections as a badge of honor.
    I’m off again. Just came back from the 5pm 12X12 mtg., and now out the door to the Sun Grp 7pm speaker mtg! It’s hot outside, but well cooled by AC inside! lol
    We send our never-ending love and ‘ether’ ((Hugs!)) xoxo
    Michael and Little Bit

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Yes indeed Michael. You too date-back along with the two of us. When you say it is hot down there in Lake Havasu City, you mean .. IT IS HOT !! As I write these few words, it is cool (in the 50’s) up here and raining. And ?? We are loving it. Thanks so very much for yet another amazing comment Michael. Last Saturday, we two attended the 12 noon Sunshine Meeting (the one where we met) at St. Mary’s and, as the meeting adjourned, Patti shared our news with those present. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Snap your fingers and 30 years have passed Gullible! And YOU have been ‘in our picture’ each and every step of the way!! So very nice to have had you along with us. Cap and Patti

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kathleen, are you aware of this very interesting coincidence : You and I met at the conference down there in (was it Richmond) in (I think) late August 1992. Doctor Paul was one of the speakers and there in (was it) the kitchen you, or someone else asked, IF anyone knew Doctor Paul. I said that, “Yes I know him.” So I was tasked with meeting him and bringing Paul and his wife Max to the event. Something huh ?? THAT was one really great conference Kathleen. Were you the Head Honcho ?? Smiles .. Cap

  2. Robert 94596

    Yes, congratulations on 30 years. That reminded me to check our ride (Scott and I) with you up the Alaska highway to start your destiny with Patti. Looks like we left the Bay Area in your Suburban on July 5, 1992. Then Scott and I flew back about 2 weeks later.

    So less than 3 weeks later, kismet struck for the two of you! Wow!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      You’ve GOT IT NAILED Robert. Kismet : noun – destiny / fate. Yes, you and Scott had already returned to the Bay Area when, on August the 6th, 1992, Patti and I met. The actual details are, in themselves, absolutely fascinating, even to the two of us. Thanks for your comment. Cap and Patti

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