Oh My, Oh My, the clock of life just keeps ticking. Time waits for no one. And one of Patti’s very special days of the year is already over and receding into the pages of our history.

Patti’s 82nd birthday celebration actually began last Saturday night when we two went out for a dinner of Singapore Rice Noodles at Kenny’s.

Saturday evening I asked Patti where she’d like to go for dinner on her birthday and she said that she wanted to stay home and just relax on her birthday. So I said, “Let’s enjoy a plate of Singapore Rice Noodles now!” and out and off we went. 

Right up front we must say : We both thank each, and we both thank all of you who made this birthday celebration so very special for Patti. YOU made it happen with all of your love and birthday cards and texts and emails and voicemail messages.

Yesterday was one special day from start to finish. We enjoyed our regular Sunday morning meeting where one of our special friends spoke and shared his story. Home we came to eat a late breakfast. We enjoyed Patti’s birthday cards and text messages and I lay down to sleep (I’d been up for two hours during the night prepping for Patti’s birthday) for an hour as she relaxed and answered all of her birthday text greetings and voicemail messages. Then from 4:30pm to 5pm we enjoyed a wonderful family Zoom Birthday Meeting with Patti’s family. The Zoom Meeting was organized and hosted by Patti’s youngest brother Danny. Patti and I visited awhile and went for a walk to Sitka Street Park. 

Our afternoon weather was stunning.

Our Suburban out in front of our building.

Looking out from our Condo living room.

While Patti rested, I cooked dinner. After dinner we two enjoyed more quiet time visiting as we re-read birthday cards and texts and just enjoyed being together.

– – – – – – – –

August 29th 1959, at the U.S. Army Tripler Medical Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, my eldest son Robb was born.

Doing-the-math, today, August 29th 2022, is Robb’s 63rd birthday. Isn’t that something? Patti was born on August 28th, Robb on August 29th, and I was born on September 5th. Three Virgos in a row.

Anyone who gets a birthday card from me always gets the saying .. NOT Happy Birthday .. Oh No .. I write Happy Birthday Cake. It was son Robb who coined that term, Happy Birthday Cake.

So .. Happy Birthday Cake Robb. Love Dad and Patti

We’ll call this a wrap. Ciao4now. Over And Out.

Cap and Patti

4 thoughts on “AUG 29, 22 .. PATTI’S 82nd BIRTHDAY PARTY IS OVER .. ROBB’S 63rd BIRTHDAY IS TODAY

  1. Kit

    Sounds like a fabulous, happy birthday! Best wishes for a great new year! All is good here in the Black Hills.
    I’m always enjoying your posts, especially the recollections of India.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      It WAS a fabulous, warm, loving, happy birthday Kit!! I am SO blessed with such a wonderful life!! Glad to hear all is well and good in the Black Hills. We are always wishing the best for you. Thank you for leaving a comment. Smiles and Hugs. Patti

  2. Ginny

    What a glorious birthday celebration Patti!! Happy birthday! It’s still your birthday month and everyday I s reason to celebrate, love and hugs Ginikins ❤️

    1. Patti

      It WAS a glorious birthday celebration, ALL day long, beginning to end!! Even today is STILL my birthday month .. I will not be able to say that tomorrow. However, as you say, EVERY day is a reason to celebrate. EVERY day is a gift and a blessing. Love and hugs back to you Ginnikins. Patti

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