This entire post is about Wandering The Streets of My Mind

Thank You Simon for those words! One day over dinner in Hong Kong, Patti and I could sense that Simon was ‘way off yonder’. We asked Simon ‘where are you’ ? And he instantly replied, “I was wandering the streets of my mind Cap and Patti!”

Oh Simon! One Day you were with us! The next day you were gone ‘forever’! We sure miss you Simon!

The above Mind Wandering leads me to some of our own special sayings, words of wisdom and spiritual messages that we post here on dotnet.

Perhaps you will

Forget tomorrow

The kind words

You say today,

But the recipient

May cherish them

Over a lifetime!

The above words epitomze Simon’s lifetime gift! I will have them forever.

Now, in the same vein this takes me to : Patti says / Patti said. Patti finds words of wisdom, writes them down and calls them her ‘pearls’.

Perhaps the kindest words,

Are the unkind words,

Unsaid !

The below phrase I just discovered yesterday. It was written on a small piece of paper, sitting on our bathroom vanity.

Again, Patti calls them ‘her pearls’.

“Kind words are short and easy to speak,

But their echos are truly endless!

The spriritual words and messages of the Universe are all there, right in front of all of us, all of the time, BUT we must want to pick them up and internalize them.

– – – – – – – – 

In a post we published last SEP 14, 21.. 


We promised to show some Jeopardy categories when we wrote : I think, just for fun, (I don’t have them at this instant) in some future post (or posts) we will publish examples of Jeopardy categories.

Now A Promise Made Is A Debt Unpaid !

Below are a few actual Jeopardy categories.

Australiana / In My Words / MLB Team Names Defined / Car Z / Well It’s Groundhog Day / It Happened in July / Number Between 1 and 100 / Animal Sounds / The 3rd / Stuck In The Middle Of / Name The Automaker / TV / Silent Consonant Words / Tunnels / By George / Homonyms / Gist Of The Job / Again / Small Mammals / Country Men and Women / Friends.

Keep in mind that on each and every Jeopardy episode, there are 12 categories and a Final Jeopardy category. Yes! Yes indeed! There are categories that we don’t understand, let alone the answers given by the contestants. When you don’t understand the question, how are you going to understand the (often amazing) answer.

– – – – – – – –

And? IF I wasn’t truly feeling better following the 5 month recovery period following our May 19th Covid-19 virus infection, there would be NO WAY I could just sit down and put a post like this together. BUT, as poorly as I have been feeling, I have still managed to keep active here on line (dotnet and blogspot).

Whew! Whewie!! It feels good to feel (pretty) good again! Now, with good and sound reasons, I will write off many, if not all of my issues, as a result of being age 86 years.

Cap with Patti (hanging on behind me)

Now I have to go get a public bus, ride three stops, walk a mile and pick up our truck that I managed to blow out my left side drivers window at the bank drive-in-window last Thursday afternoon! Write it all up that I am happy that I feel up to the walk and the outing!

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