OCT 20, 22 (2/2) .. HERE WE GO LOOP DE LOOP !

Gullible says : “Cap take some photos and post them!” So I just did what Gullible said to do. I snapped some photos yesterday afternoon while Patti and I were at the hospital and below you will see them!


In Part 1 of 2 above, we shared the great news that we feel we have pretty well recovered from our Long Covid-19 after affects. BUT that does NOT mean all of our other (call them legitimate and NOT in any way related to Covid-19 affects) medical issues that go along with being in our 80’s also stop !!

During an appointment that I was sitting in with Patti, I noticed something very interesting.

We were in one of the three major hospitals (Alaska Regional) here in Anchorage, Alaska. I was looking out the window thinking “Here we are, very close to the downtown center of Anchorage yet it looks like we are in a semi-remote area and NOT downtown.”

See what you think.

Look at the view past Patti. 

Then I got up next to the window and snapped the below photo.

It sure doesn’t look like the largest (by far) city in the State of Alaska does it?

Then, as we passed a Hospital (call it a) Bulletin Board, out came my camera again.

Some FUN !!

Patti and I got a few chuckles out of the above and hope you did as well !!

Smiling and Feeling Very Good and Optimistic ..

Cap and Patti

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