Here I am, yet again, Wandering The Streets of My Mind !!

Bottom Line : This post is for me to get-in-touch-with-me !!

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For What It’s Worth, many times (dating back to the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic) I have written here of the fatigue issue that I have associated, more or less, totally with Covid-19. For What It’s Worth, my observations have been spot-on-accurate. I have indeed experienced long Covid Fatigue.

Then the fatigue lifted back in early October. On October the 20th I posted the below words..




October the 25th I wrote the following ..

I can no longer accurately blame any future fatigue on my past Covid-19 history.

Accepance IS the answer. 

I am free to accept the fact that, at age 86 years, I am not ever going to be as well as I was ten or twenty or thirty years ago.

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From time-to-time, I go back and peruse long ago posts here on dotnet.

Now come along with me back as I was perusing some 2013 posts to, hold on, are you ready, nine years ago and counting to April Fools Day the 1st of April 2013 ..

On April 1st, 2013, I wrote in the above post the following words ..

Can It / Can This Possibly Be ..

I must be ‘getting old’!

One short year ago .. in Pondicherry .. at MOTHERS GUEST HOUSE .. I could .. (well I think that I could .. it seems to me that I did .. could it possibly be that I mis-remembered this?) .. ‘steam-up-the-steps’ with-great-gusto to my room from the street level in one-fell-swoop with nary-a-pause!

51 steps up a total of four flights of steps.  16 steps and turn 180-degrees-right and 16 more steps into the lobby.   Then through the lobby to 10 steps and a final 9 steps.

NOT THIS YEAR.  In fact I often found myself ‘pausing’ in 8 step-intervals when going up the first 32 steps.  THEN sitting down in the lobby to rest before finishing up the final 19 steps.

– – – – – – – – 

So I was feeling less than 100% of my former self way back nine or so years ago !! When I was only age 77 years !!

And Accepance IS the answer. 

What’s happening here is simple : I have fallen a bit from the giddy mountain top I found myself upon when I wrote on October the 20th the below words  ..




This post helps me to get in touch with the fact that I’m not ever going to be what I think I used to be when on April 1st 2013 I was already recognizing this fact.

Smiling .. Cap

Patti is smiling with me ..

3 thoughts on “NOV 5, 22 .. AN ODD SURPRISE FOR ME .. FATIGUE .. GETTING OLD ..

  1. Karolynn

    Cap. My computer says that is Secure (shows the padlock). However, your other site says it is not secure and does not show the padlock. Can you fix that?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Karolynn .. This website, the one I call dotnet .. I ” own ” along with my webmaster Andrej. It is serviced by Midphase and the software that my site is running is WordPress. As the owner of my site I pay an annual fee. Thus Karolynn, since I pay a financial cost, I have certain abilities to make changes to the basic WordPress software program. Recently Andrej and myself upgrated the site to https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) and as such I have an added degree of security.

      My three other websites (one of which you are familiar with .. are owned and programmed and managed by the Google Corporation. As such, apparently, Google has not deemed it necessary to make their own sites HTTPS. I am not sure how I can proceed with this added security with Google, a somewhat large (enormous) corporation (who are often making changes to the software without asking any of us what we think or want) that can be frustrating.

      So I am NOT (at least as of this moment Karolynn) able to make this upgrade. I cannot fix it. Thanks for your comment and interest in our website Karolynn. Cap and Patti

      1. Cap Chastain Post author

        Karolynn, now when you go to you WILL see the padlock and the HTTPS indicator ..

        THANKS TO YOU .. THANKS 100% TO YOU KAROLYNN .. I now have all three of my Google Blogspot Websites secured ..


        Cap ..

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