NOV 9, 22 .. SO FAR .. SO GOOD

In the vernacular-of-the-street we say : Do a good deed for someone and do not get caught. We both like to say Thank You to those who assist us.

Tuesday, November 8th, 2022, just before midnight . .

SO FAR .. SO GOOD .. I had a lot of reservations about getting this fifth Moderna bivalent Covid-19 vaccinaion. I have been feeling so very good, both physically as well as mentally, since finally coming out of the shadow of Long Covid Fatigue and Brain Fog that I was ambivalent about risking possible after effects of the recent Moderna booster. As I write these words, it’s now been 12 hours since we two were vaccinated and both of us are doing just fine thank you. Yes Oh Yes we are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination but, so far, neither of us even have a sore shoulder. We both got the (normal) flu shots a few weeks ago.

Over And Out .. Another day awaits us. My dental appointment today has led to another one tomorrow with a consulting dentist. Beginning at 6AM when I arose, to this instant, it’s been a very busy day.

I will close here by thanking you Kit and Michael for your comments to my Rhetorical Question in yesterday’s post : How many of you look at comments to these posts?

And, thank you Claudia for your comment by text to my phone.  

Cap and Patti

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