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HELLO FRANK, now over visiting Nazaré in Portugal.

If you are interested, click onto the below link to see where Nazaré Portugal is located.,+Portugal/@39.2712859,-7.3733126,7z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0xd18a8232f6ad417:0x3d2d871af42106f!8m2!3d39.6012147!4d-9.0700991

Frank texted us (in part) the below message :

Nazaré is breaking today with 25-foot barrels. I’m on my way to watch the surfers, even if it’s raining (good possibility). 25-foot waves are hardly worth mentioning to the Nazaré surfers, but they’re pretty big in my world. Watching the giants was one of my goals for this trip.

There is a deep, west-opening, box canyon just offshore from Nazaré and it funnels and focuses huricane swells into a single wedge. 100-foot waves break only 500-feet off the cliff so close that one can see the looks of terror on the faces of the adrenaline junkies as they take the drop.

Fortunately there are the ruins of a 15-th century fort right on the edge of the 100-foot cliff that faces the break, so one can stand on the battlements to watch. The fort has been turned into a museum for the Nazaré Wedge. Surfboards of record-holders are displayed in one room, ranging from the ancient 12-foot 16-inch wide pintails of the 60s to modern 6-foot tow-in rockets with stirrups for the feet. Helmets and wetsuits are displayed next to each board. 2mm neoprene is the preference. Everyone still goes barefoot though. You need those toes to grip the board. The next room has a 3-D model of the ocean floor, with a bathymetric map as the display on the floor. One can look out an ancient window from the room to watch the break. There is a lighthouse on top of the fort that is still in use.

Here’s a description of someone’s ride on a little 22-foot hot-dog wave last week. ” It was a very difficult day for paddling. There were some bumps in the face and a lot of wind. I tried to paddle into the first wave of the set. I missed it but it put me in the perfect position for the second wave. No matter what, I had to go because there were three more behind that one. Might’ve been a good thing I missed that first wave though, because the second wave was cleaner despite the wind and craziness from the storm. I paddled in, and the view from the barrel was epic. No ski came to the rescue and I really don’t ever count on that. Sometimes they give me a ride but I understand they’re in teams and I don’t expect it. I started surfing here in 2016, so just did my normal thing of catching one wave per session. I came up just in time for the next wave to come crashing down on me. I got nailed by two more after that before a jet-ski could come and rescue me. I’m still trying to decide whether that ride was worth it. “

Now for the photos Frank sent.





Thank You So Very VERY MUCH Frank !

Well I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, when I myself don’t know what’s coming here on dotnet, how could you or even THE SHADOW himself know ?

Smiling, Cap and Patti

6 thoughts on “NOV 17, 22 .. HOW ABOUT SOME SURFING IN PORTUGAL ?

  1. Kit

    Great post! I love big waves, having grown up a few miles from Mavericks. Such beautiful photos. Thank you, and greetings from the snowy Blacks Hills, South Dakota.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks so very much Kit. The entire post and photos were thanks to Frank. You can’t believe the size of the waves at Nazaré Portugal. Go to You Tube. Then look for : Surfing at Nazaré Portugal. And Wowie ! You will see some monster waves. Not sure where you grew up (a few miles from Mavericks) Kit. Smiling.. Cap and Patti ..

      I Googled it Kit .. Mavericks is a surfing location in northern California outside Pillar Point Harbor, just north of the town of Half Moon Bay at the village of Princeton-by-the-Sea.

      1. Kit

        Yep. Mavericks is just west of San Mateo and north of Pescadero, CA. My old stomping grounds, and some of the best big wave surfing in the world! Sure do have to have some special nerves for this sport. Brave and incredibly athletic humans!

        1. Cap Chastain Post author

          Wow Kit ! Nice you read my reply to you and noticed that I discovered where Maverick’s is located because Frank, in his recent text, specifically mentioned Maverick’s. Smiling .. Cap along with Patti

  2. Frank Chandler

    Olá, Cap and Patti!
    I’m glad you enjoyed my post! There were a couple of misplaced commas, and commas where colons should be, but it still communicated my thoughts ok.

    You should give credit to Siri the Phone Witch too: the picture entitled “The Avenue” was her name for it. I called it “The Venue.”

    Will start checking your blog.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Wow again Frank ! Thanks for your comment. Smililng as I write these words : I’ll ask Patti, my proof reader to check out your comment ( a couple of misplaced commas, and commas where colons should be ). Again written with a giggle Frank ! Since I haven’t a clue-in-a-carload who Siri-the-Phone-Witch is Frank I wasn’t able to thank Siri. More to follow Frank. I could NOT get the You Tube link you texted me to work. BUT when I just went to You Tube and entered : Surfing at Nazaré Portugal WOW there they were. Many You Tube posts about surfing at Nazaré Portugal. Much Joy Frank .. Cap and Patti

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