For What It’s Worth .. I already miss Frank’s contributions about surfing in general and at Nazaré, Portgual in particular. I hope some of you took the effort to go to You Tube and search : Surfing at Nazare, Portugal. If you do go to You Tube, you do NOT have to spell it Nazaré with the accented é.

For What It’s Worth .. Our friend Gullible, who we believe is in Africa on another of her safari adventures, remains totally silent as to publishing posts on her website. We sure hope Gullible is safe and in good health. One never knows, especially in the wide world of international travel.

Our local weather report. 

As we have shown in several recent posts, yes it has been, more or less, off and on, warm enough to melt a fair amount of our snow.


When you just look around, in general, our landscape is still snowwhite.

No ! No ! No way ! are we even in the ballpark when it comes to snow with many (as in MANY) locations in the lower 48 states. Buffalo, New York, is measuring snow in feet ! Kit in South Dakota is also probably seeing a white landscape.

Speaking of the ballpark, via You Tube, Patti and I revisited game 1 on October 15th 1988 of the  Major League Baseball World Series and watched a nine minute video of Kirk Gibson’s amazing, walk-off home run, in the bottom of the 9th inning as his Los Angeles Dodgers were trailing the Oakland Athletics 4 – 3. One of the all time great moments in baseball World Series highlights.

Michael, down in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, do you remember that game?

Ciao4now. Over and Out.

Smiles .. Cap and Patti

2 thoughts on “NOV 19, 22 .. FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH

  1. Michael

    Yes, Cap! I can remember Kirk Gibson’s epic moment in the ’88 World Series. I watched the game via the nation-wide broadcast. Together, Tina (my ex) and I watched Kirk gimp up to the plate and in his semi-crippled physical state swing wildly at the first few pitches. And then…..the walk-off home run!! Wow! My memory still reflects with joy and giddiness! It was quite the classic finish!
    BTW…I grew up a couple of miles from Dodger Stadium and as a young pre-teen hooligan my peers and I would ride our bicycles over to the stadium construction site and scan the horizon for workers and security. Seeing none we would bicycle down to field level and play and walk the humongous I-beams strutting out over the fields below. And THEN! Security would spot us and our ‘rat-pack’ would scatter like the dickens. Fortunately security never could catch nary a one of us! We had an agreement to rendevous at the pinball arcade in Chinatown, a mere 1/2-1mi away! Fond memories for this Dodger fanatic!
    Great to see you folks are having a mild winter, thus far. Still, as you are all-too familiar, those warming temps can create slick and icy conditions in and of themselves. Be careful on your walks, my dear friends. The falls come a lot harder in our senior years!
    I am extremely grateful I’m now relocated in the low desert with somewhat temperate winter temps! lol
    Have a Truly Blessed Day! See you both sooner than soon! Yippy-Skippy! :)

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      That Michael, was some at-bat. You may want to re-watch it on You Tube. After limping up to the plate, Kirk Gibson was suddenly down 0 – 2 after two pitches. Then he kept fighting off and fouling pitches to finally reach 3 – 2 .. Then the MAGIC MOMENT and the fans went nutso. Too much fun reading of your exploits at the construction site of the Dodger’s current stadium.

      Yes Oh Yes Michael. We are all too well aware of the dangers of falling. Yes Oh Yes I’ve had far too many falls having fallen and broken both knee caps, my hip, my shoulder and many others where I was not injured. THIS is the big reason we hope to get away to your land of sun and easier living in the winter. We hope to see you soon friend. Cap and Patti

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