I’ve written this, and I’ve repeated this, over and over and over again ..

Without all of the help and support we receive from our cadre of friends we could not keep our dotnet site here up and running. Our supporters send us photographs and ask questions and make comments for us to answer and even suggest topics.

Today we give thanks to Jeremy over in Hong Kong who just sent us a few nice tib-bits.

Jeremy and his lovely wife.

Below is a photo that I snapped of  ‘our YMCA Hotel’ in Kowloon.

Below is recent photo from Jeremy of ‘our YMCA Hotel’ in Kowloon. You may be able to notice that it has been renovated since I snapped the above photo !!  It did not previously have a pebbly surface.

Across Kowloon Park Drive (to the left in the above photo) is a large shopping center, the 1881 Heritage Shopping Mall.

Below are two of my photos of the 1881 Heritage Shopping Mall.

The below photo was snapped from the 9th floor of the YMCA.

And a smile for good luck.

Thank You Jeremy and Thanks to All of you who support us here on dotnet.

Cap and Patti

Oh My Yes ! Tonight might be the final round of the 2022 Jeopardy Tournament of Champions with perhaps the overall winner crowned. We WILL be watching !

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