In one of the above subtitles, you see the term, Duces N’ Jacks It’s Your Call ..

I’ll translate that. ” Duces and Jacks, The Man With The Axe, A Pair of Natural 7’s Takes All ” is the name of a 7 Card Stud High Poker Game and it means what it says. Deuces, Jacks and the Man with the Axe (the King of Diamonds) are Wild. If a player has two or more natural 7s they automatically take the entire pot.

More translation :  During the past two days, I re-visited Hong Kong, and I re-visited Irkutsk Russian Siberia. I planned to make this post another short post about winter in Kyzyl (КЫЗЫЛ) Russian Siberia.


This Post got away from me. I was dealt a Poker Hand filled with Deuces and Jacks and The King and Natural 7’s. The very few (5 or 6) winter photos of Kyzyl (КЫЗЫЛ) that I had planned to post here completely got away from me and I ended up posting 25 or so photos.

” What’s that you say ? ” .. ” Captain we can live with it. NOW PLEASE will you get on with the getting on. “

Friends of Bill . . IF you don’t want to see another batch of winter photos, then scroll down about 22 photos to something you may find interesting.

– – – – – – – – 

Oh My Oh My .. OH MY OH MY .. When you are traveling around Russian Siberia in the winter, in the back of your mind you are thinking .. ” Lord God PLEASE don’t let us have car trouble out here in the middle of nowhere !! “

In the below photo, looking out the front windshield of our car, it looks like the Middle of Nowhere. Do you see what I mean?

Brothers and Sisters, Sports Fans all of you, there simply isn’t much (read : NOTHING ) out in the space between settlements !!

We are almost there.

Thank You God. We have reached Kyzyl !!

Now for more photos of winter in, and around, KYZYL (КЫЗЫЛ) Russian Siberia.

Hi Little Man. And who are you?

He didn’t reply because he can’t speak, nor can he understand, my English language !!

I never, not one time, grew weary of the magnificent Russian (Eastern Orthodox) Churches.

Does it get cold in Russian Siberia in the winter ? Below the INSIDE (the interior side) of the door was soundly iced over !!

The Russian Siberians DO know how to make warm clothing.

Friends of mine in Kyzyl (КЫЗЫЛ).

I was there to speak and ” Stand and Deliver ” and I did. You can just ask Patti. Patti was with me during other parts of my 9 months in Russian Siberia.

Sometimes (well maybe often) it was cold INSIDE the rooms I was speaking in. Below I was being introduced by the lady (you saw her 2 photos above) in the fur coat. Notice the man in the distance, still wearing his Russian Winter Headgear. He was my translator.

– – – – – – – – 

Friends of Bill you may find the below snippet interesting.

I never, as in never-ever, knew who would be in any audience. I spoke to two men up in a chuch bell tower and I spoke to small meetings of 5 to 10 people. I also spoke to large groups. I spoke in jails and institutions. You name it. Audiences consisiting of people living in a community. Some of  these gatherings came with buffet meals and singing and dancing by performers. 

Then came my D – Day. I walked into a hospital. I assumed I was going to speak to a meeting of patients in recovery. I was introduced to the Chief Executive of the Hospital who sat down next to me up-front. And ? Into the room they came. Medical Students, wearing their Medical White Coats worn by (I found out later) the graduating seniors !!

Oh My Oh My .. OH MY OH MY !! .. ” What on earth am I going to say (my talks usually were two hours in length) to graduating Medical School seniors ? “

Finally all of the introductory hoop-de-laa (maybe 15 minutes) was over and it was time to .. STAND AND DELIVER ..

As I was slowly standing up, I swear to the Lord God Almighty this is true, I was saying to myself .. ” What on earth AM I going to say ? “

I stood for a LONG poignant moment as one does when speaking, and began .. (where did these words come from Lord God Almighty ?) if not from YOU !!

” I have very bad news for all of you. You all are here thinking that I have the answer to the centries old problem of alcoholism ! Unfortunately neither myself, nor any other person or organization, has that answer. However, IF a person wants to stop alcoholic drinking, and that MUST come from within each individual human being, no one can make another person want sobriety, then perhaps the organization to which I belong can help them. “

Two (and I mean TWO FULL ) hours later we finished. No pauses, no breaks, and lots and LOTS of questions. When I speak, I give the audience carte blanche to interupt me at any time. No limitations. Interupt me because people with questions will forget their questions by the end of a talk. Trust me. I KNOW. You finish and no one says anything.

Trust me on this : I hope that I will never forget this talk.

O.K. Friends of Bill you can skip back out .

– – – – – – – –

Yes Sports Fans. The Russian Siberians know how to eat !! Sweet teeth they all have them. That’s why they drink Vodka.

And that-is-that for our winter re-visit to Kyzyl (КЫЗЫЛ) Russian Siberia.

Smiling .. Cap and Patti

Oh Yes, tonight we will be tuned into Survivor.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. Wow. Time to give thanks for all of our blessings. Where has the year 2022 gone ?

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