It’s no secret, I constantly mention the challenge a website poses especially when Patti and I are here in the U.S. and not out of the country where there are many interesting activies to write about as well as many great photo opportunities. Not that there aren’t tens of zillons of things of interest here as well as photo opportunities.

What to do when I am stuck ?

My thoughts always go to Gullible who always says : “Cap it is not that complicated. In fact Cap it’s as simple as 1 – 2 – 3 .. (1) Go out, (2) take some photos, and (3) post them!”

And I also turn to Julia Cameron and her sage advice : “When we start to write, we prime the pump and the flow of ideas begins to move. It is the act of writing that calls ideas forth, not ideas that call forward writing.”

Just start !! 

– – – – – – – –

Patti and I were out in the parking lot in front of a Safeway Store and a Dollar Tree store here in Bullhead City, Arizona, and I heard a small voice calling to me!

“Yo ! .. Captain ! .. Over here ! .. Come and take my photo Captain !”

“Well just look at you ! YOU are amazing !”

“We sure don’t build cars like you anymore !”

“Thanks for calling out to me ! How nice no one was parked beside you !”

So I sent Google IMAGES the top photo. 

AMAZING ! Google is absolutely amazing ! The above Chrysler New Yorker dates back to 1977.

– – – – – – – – 

I have more than one set of keys for our GMC Suburban. Unfortunately they all look alike. BUT only one set has the correct key to open the steering wheel club. So I dare not go out with the wrong set of keys and afix the club to the steering wheel with no way to open it. I have already done this exact thing up in Anchorage. BUT in Anchorage I just called our neighbor Eva and she got Patti’s key to the club and brought it to me !

What to do ? Figure out some way to identify the set of keys I need to have with me. Got it !

VOILA ! I just attached the above small stickers to the correct set of keys.

– – – – – – – – 

We are NOT just sitting around here in Laughlin, Nevada. Oh No. We took a little run over to Kingman, Arizona, to see a friend and to do some shopping. We like Kingman a lot and have previously stayed there several times.

The drive from the Bullhead, Arizona / Laughlin, Nevada, area over to Kingman, Arizona is beautiful !

Nice Huh ?

– – – – – – – – 

Wow ! A nice (Read : NICE ) visit with our most special friend Ginny to enjoy her Christmas Decorations ..

Above and below is Ginny’s very special Christmas Angel. 52 Christmas’ ago, in 1970, just before Ginny’s 12th birthday, her grandmother Millie, gave Ginny and her sister Christmas Angels. Growing up, Ginny played the flute and her sister played the violin. As you can see, Ginny’s Christmas Angel is playing the flute. Her sisters’ Christmas Angel played the violin. 

The Time Has Come The Walrus Said for me to call it a day.

Smiles Cap and Hugs from Patti

Amazing huh  ? I sit down and a few hours later, a Post appears !

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