JAN 31, 23 .. WHEN .. DOES .. IT .. GET .. EASY

I have never, ever, had any ear / hearing issues. Never. Ever. Yes Oh Yes I have a loss of hearing due to my time in professional automobile racing. When a racing car comes roaring into the pits, and you service the car as a member of the pit crew, the noise is deafening. Also while in the Marine Corps I was exposed to some severe (deafening) noise.

Last Saturday night, January the 28th, feeling as good as I will ever feel in this lifetime, I lay down to sleep for the night. Sometime during the night I experienced, for the first time in my lifetime, some very bothersome pain in my left ear. Try as I could, I could not do anything to alleviate this very bothersome pain. I thought to myself : “So this is how people with an ear ache feel.” BUT finally I went to sleep in spite of the discomfort.

Sunday morning I was pain free. The sharp pain I had felt during the night had disappeared.

Patti and I watched the NFL Playoff games and all was well and all was swell in terms of how I was feeling physically. Translation : No pain. No discomfort in my left ear. 

Monday morning the 30th, I was up-and-at-em BUT my left ear felt like I had water in it. I then did some manipulations (opening my jaw, tilting my head, shaking my head) to try to clear my left ear and I was totally unsuccessful. I thought : “This is how one must feel with water in the ear.”

Ah Hah .. I will get a Q-tip cotton swab and see if I can get rid of this water-in-my-ear.

BINGO ! My left ear was full of liquid, BUT the liquid was NOT water, it was .. BLOOD.

I decided to eat my full breakfast and head for our local Hospital Emergency Room. I took with me my laptop and stationery supplies to write post and note cards KNOWING, based upon actual past experience in this and other Emergency Rooms, I very well might be in the E.R. for many hours. A year ago I was in the E.R. waiting room for over seven (7) hours before I went back into an E.R. examining room THEN waited another full hour before I saw a Doctor. Most, many, maybe ALL OF YOU have your own E.R. stories.


I was processed in (name, I.D., proof of medical insurance, why I came in to the E.R., the level of pain, etc) and my vitals (blood pressure 132 over 80 and blood oxygen percentage 98%) were taken so quickly I could not believe it. Then I was told to go back out and wait in (of all places) the E.R Waiting Room. I was told I would be seen quickly.


Patti had not come with me (despite her protests) because she is sick with “something”. I began to text Patti my status and my name was called.


In a Guinness-World-Record for the shortest time in an E.R. until one sees a Doctor I was talking to a Doctor. 

Bottom Line : The E.R. Doctor did not think my ear drum was broken BUT, because of the blood in my ear, he couldn’t be sure. I was given a prescription for Augmentin, told to put a plug in my ear to prevent an infection, and I was given a referral to a local family doctor for further evaluation. I immediately drove (just up the street from the Hospital) to the referral Doctors office, went in and (because of my E.R. referral) I have an appointment this next Tuesday the 7th of February, to see a family Doctor who (amazingly) is in the same practice as my gastroenterologist (who I saw for my Diverticulitis last January 2022) right here in Lake Havasu City.

OH BY THE WAY .. I forgot to mention above .. when I went to the E.R. Monday morning, I was totally deaf , unable to hear anything, in my left ear!

What a challenge it is hearing everything in my right ear. Patti (sitting or standing) on my left will say something and I will turn to my right because my right ear is hearing her so I look right.

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Oh By The Way, Friends of Bill, I published a post over on blogspot ..  Click onto the below link if you wish to see it ..


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Back in January 2014 .. In Anchorage, Alaska, the Alaska Aces Ice Hockey Team was a big part of our lives.

The Official Replica of The Stanley Cup was on display because our Alaskan NHL star, Scotty Gomez, was on the Stanley Cup Champion New Jersey Devils team.

Time to call this ‘a wrap’ .. 

Cap and Patti

8 thoughts on “JAN 31, 23 .. WHEN .. DOES .. IT .. GET .. EASY

  1. Gullible

    Well, now. ‘Tis a mystery as to why your ear fills with blood. Hope you find out soon. Best wishes, and congratulations on the blood pressure. Mine recently was close at 118/81.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Gullible. All of a sudden, instantly, with no warning after I go to bed feeling just fine, I now have ear issues. Go figure huh?

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Ginny. I wouldn’t trade my ear issues for your challenges. We so totally support you Ginny as you walk the path of medical challenges.

  2. Kathleen

    This reminds me of when I ruptured my eardrum. A small amount of blood after a short burst of pain. (I have narrow eustachian tubes. When I fly, I take sudafed and that seems to help the ear pain. I forgot that time and it was a quick rise in altitude.) Then it felt like whooshing and of course, no hearing out of that ear for quite a while. I was on a trip and went to the doctor as soon as I returned. I was told I had a hole in my eardrum and it would heal on its own. Hopefully, yours will be simple, repairable problem but it is odd to have it had with no obvious reason.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      A small amount of blood after a short burst of pain. Sounds like what happened to me except I was in bed sleeping. I am anxious to see a Doctor next Tuesday the 7th of February to get a second opinion after the 2 or 3 minute E.R. Doctors consultation with a referral (THAT was important however because without the E.R. referral it would be a 3 month wait to get to see a Doctor. Smiles Kathleen.

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