Here in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, our best friend and loyal Ally, Michael 86403, does NOT have a groundhog but Michael has his very own special pet dog and friend.
Meet Little Bit.
I wonder, IF they were to meet, would Little Bit and Punxsutawney Phil get along well together?
– – – – – – – –
I have hit “a bit-of-a-wall” with this ear issue. Being totally deaf in my left ear, but having hearing in my right ear, is proving to be a tad (call it) disorienting.
Coupled with a few very active and intense days.
Monday I was in the Emergency Room after which I was able to schedule an appointment with a local family doctor next Tuesday the 7th of February.
Tuesday I attended a 7am meeting and a noon meeting with Patti. Following the noon meeting, 5 of us had lunch together (Taco Tuesday at a local Mexican Restaurant). I also had an appointment with a local CPAP supplier to discuss a new type of CPAP mask.
Wednesday I had an appointment with my local gastroenterologist. Patti and I had to wait, along with other patients, two hours in his waiting room because he had been called to the local Hospital to deal with an emergency crisis. 
Along with (trust me) a lot of other issues to deal with, this has all been exhausting.
Today’s Rhetorical Question : How does one celebrate Ground Hog Day.
Thanks for hanging in with us.
Cap and Patti

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