The Party’s Over

It’s Time To Call It A Day 

They’ve burst your pretty balloon

And taken the moon away

Ah Yes Sports !

At some point in time the truth dawns upon some of us. No, not all of us, but some of us. “Your Team” can’t possibly win each and every single game that they play. So what to do? Accept the fact that in Sports you have this bottom line: Was “Your Team” IN THE GAME? Did “Your Team” have a legitimate chance to win the game? IF the answer is yes, “Your Team” was in the game and yes your team did have a legitimate chance to win the game, and if you team loses the game, that is going to be as good-as-it-gets!

– – – – – – – –

Patti and I watched the game with Michael, our friend and ally here in Lake Havasu City. By text messaging, Gord and Tom watched it with us.

I “charted the game” so I could really “get into it”, so I would stay seated and stay focused. Often (usually) I am up and I am down during sporting games on T.V.

I DO NOT expect you to be able to read my notes. But you get the idea, I was INTO this game.

The First Half

The Second Half.

– – – – – – – –


The Kansas City Chiefs vs the Philadelphia Eagles.

I kind of, sort of, but it was not life-or-death, wanted the Philadelphia Eagles to win the game.

The First Half.

The Chiefs kicked off to the Eagles. The Eagles went down field and scored a touchdown. 7 – 0 Eagles “My Team”. The Eagles kicked off to the Chiefs. The Chiefs went down the field and scored a touchdown. 7 – 7 tie score. The 1st quarter ended. In the first minutes of the 2nd quarter the Eagles scored. 14 – 7. Then came a “turning point” in the game. The Eagles quarterback fumbled the ball (almost handed it over to the Chiefs) and the Chiefs picked it up and scored. 14 – 14. Then the Eagles scored 21 – 14 and at the end of the 2nd quarter kicked a field goal.

Eagles 24 – 14 at halftime. This was “looking very good” to me. I took a 25 minute nap. Patti and Michael watched the halftime show.

The Second Half.

The Eagles kicked off to the Chiefs and BAM ! It was suddenly 24 – 21. The Eagles kicked a field goal 27 – 21 Eagles. Looking good at the end of the 3rd quarter.

Fourth and final quarter. The Chiefs scored a touchdown at the beginning of the quarter and for the first time in the game were ahead 27 – 28 Chiefs. BAM the Chiefs scored again. 27 – 35 Chiefs. With 5:15 left in the 4th quarter, the Eagles scored a touchdown. 33 – 35 Chiefs. Then the Eagles went for a 2 point conversion and successfully got it! 35 – 35 tie game. 

So here we were, nearing the end of the 4th quarter, and the score was tied. Sports Fans it doesn’t get much better than this. The game is tied 35 – 35. All “My Team” had to do was stop the Chiefs and then win the game with a last minute score. 

The Eagles failed to stop the Chiefs who kicked a field goal with 8 seconds remaining in the game.

Final Score : Kansas City Chiefs 38 – 35 Philadelphia Eagles. 

The Kansas City Chiefs deserved to win the game because they WON the game fair and square. Tom thought the Chiefs had some assistance from the referees!

– – – – – – – – 

And, except for an outright win, it doesn’t get much better than this. “My Team” was IN the game, to the very end, and could have (maybe should have) won the Super Bowl.

Michael thanks for hosting us.

Gord and Tom thanks for texting with us.

Smiles ..

Cap and Patti

8 thoughts on “FEB 13, 23 .. ANOTHER .. SUPER .. SUPER BOWL GAME

  1. Michael

    I, Michael d. did hereby witness Cap putting pencil-to-paper and taking copious notes detailing the exciting play of these two closely matched competitors. Two fine young, talented black quarterbacks. And two brothers, the Kelce bros. played their hearts out. And the entire barn-burning game. Yep, Cap did meticulously note each and every play. Though, I don’t know if the notes denoted the commercial breaks! lol
    Us 4 had a marvelous time, we did!
    Thank you Cap and Patti for whooping it up with me and Little Bit. It was another memorable evening with your company. I’m eagerly looking forward to our next adventure(s). For the time being, yes, we snap our fingers and, voila! It’s gone for another year! lol
    You both have a Truly Blessed Day.

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Smiling BIG smiles Michael. Again, thanks so very much for hosting Patti and me. You even got to say hello to Gord back in Michigan and Detroit Tiger Tom up in Laughlin, Nevada, both of whom I was texting during the game. YOU said it: Next Up: March Madness. College basketballs annual show case of its top basketball teams. Then will come the NBA playoffs. Much fun. Daily we have “Jeopardy” to follow. More smiles. Cap and Patti.

  2. Gullible

    The Chiefs won with brilliant clock management in the final minutes and seconds, and an iffy holding penalty on the Eagles. In that, I agree with Michael, but I am glad the Chiefs won.

    I also liked country singer Chris Stapleton’s simple, straight-forward, no vocal gymnastics, heart-felt rendition of our national anthem. It had tears running down the face of the Eagle’s coach, and tears in my eyes.

    What I didn’t like was the half-time show with its suggestive lyrics and even more suggestive gymnastics (aka dancing). That stuff has no place in a family show. Has public entertainment reached the point where “if it doesn’t have sexual explicit connotations and innuendoes, it ain’t entertaining”?

    And then there were the ridiculous costumes. A friend said he turned off the volume and he glanced up and thought he was seeing a bunch of tampons cavorting.

    I usually go do something productive during these spectacles but I watched this year because I didn’t want to miss any good commercials, having forgotten that I could see them online. Next year I’ll vacuum the floor during half-time.

    1. Gullible

      Another thing that led to the Chief’s win was Jerick McKinnon sliding down at the one yard line even though he had a sure touchdown. That is what set up the time managing plays that led to the Chief’s go-ahead score and left only seconds on the clock for the Eagles to attempt a score.

      BTW, the Eagles player who was called for holding admitted that he’d done it but he hoped the refs would let it slide.

      1. Cap Chastain Post author

        There is absolutely no question the Eagles defensive back (in quotation marks) “held” the Chief’s receiver. There is no question that this one play did not decide the game. The fumble by the Eagles quarterback at the end of the first half. The (I think record setting) punt return by the Chiefs. THOSE two plays greatly affected the Eagles. BUT, at the same time, the cry of “let them play” sure applies here Gullible. Two great Super Bowl games in consecutive years. Cap

    2. Cap Chastain Post author

      I quietly excused myself when halftime arrived and went and took a 25 minute nap. By this point in time, I have a good idea of what’s coming with these Super Bowl halftime shows. I made the “right call” didn’t I? Smiling .. Cap

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