Go Figure Captain !

I was going to title this Post as : TOM AND GINNY DO OATMAN, ARIZONA

And I even created a new category : Tom and Ginny

And then I “veer off into the above title” :  MAR 13, 23 .. NO IT IS NOT A FRIDAY BUT IT IS A 13th

Too bad Doug Shaw has passed on, Doug used to “get on my case” about NOT wanting to hear about “my process” creating a Post.


Cap’s Dinkey Bird IS singing in the Amfalula Tree !

Maybe I need to create another category : Where would I be without friends like YOU who are reading along here with Patti and I.

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Tom and Ginny (I think) just visited Oatman, Arizona, and sent us the below photos.

Thank You So Very Much Tom and Ginny. I am not sure which one of you took and sent these photos. I KNOW you Ginny sent them but did you Ginny shoot the Car Show at the Riverside as well? WE both KNOW that you Ginny coached Tom into taking and sending photos. And I Cap said to myself : “If Tom can do photos so can I”. So it all goes back to YOU Ginny.

Post Script from Ginny  :  “Yes I took and sent all pictures.”

Great photos.

Outside of, approaching Oatman, in the now blooming springtime.

IF my questionable memory is correct, the below photo was snapped IN Oatman from the main street. But I will not “bet on it”.

Hello Mister (or is it Miss) Burro. Nice photo you two. Such sweet and loveable animals.

Tom is a “Quick Change Artist”. 

Thanks so very VERY MUCH you two.


And the one, the only, Detroit Tiger Tom.

Nice !!

– – – – – – – – 

Let’s continue here with our friend and ally Gullible who has published Chapter 27 of her November 2022 African Safari. 

Sunday, March 12, 2023 .. The 2022 Africa Journals, Chapter 27: Leaving Our Home away from Home

“It is always sad when someone leaves home, unless they are simply going around the corner and will return in a few minutes with ice cream sandwiches.”–Lemony Snicket

The below link will take you directly to the above Post from Gullible.

Thanks Gullible.

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With out YOU .. each and every single one of YOU .. Our website here would dry up and be blown away by the Spring winds (and they are real) here in the Southwestern part of the United States.

Cap (your Magician who keeps coming up with these Posts) and Patti (the “Wind Beneath My Wings)

8 thoughts on “MAR 13, 23 .. NO IT IS NOT A FRIDAY BUT IT IS A 13th

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Ginikins THANK YOU for sharing your day with all of us ! Oatman is sooo much fun. Did you do some “shopping” along Main Street? Cap and Patti

  1. Catherine Raye-Wong

    I love the Oatman donkeys, and ever since YOU first told me about them i follow them on Facebook! Beautiful flowers too, but those donks are the best…aside from mine of course. Hope you have a great day. It is sunny and 24 here in thr beautiful Black Hills. Finally starting to feel like spring!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Kit we think the entire world loves the Oatman donkeys. A beautiful day here as well. Spring is Springing Kit. Smiles .. Cap and Patti

  2. Tom

    Hello Cap and Patti. Who knew? A photo of me on www internet. Beautiful weather here now, getting nice day time walks in. Hope you are both 100% rested and recovered from all clinic appointments ! God Bless

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Tom for your comment. Now I will post the Car Show photos showing the cars you and Ginny saw there at the Riverside Hotel in Laughlin. Beautiful weather here as well. We are in the process of recovering and resting Tom. It seems to take awhile. A process NOT an event. Great words those. Smiles .. Cap and Patti too

  3. Michael

    Yep! It is one of the ‘any day that ends in “Y” kinda 13! And lucky it is when you get ready to ‘kiss the ol’ blarney stone!’ St. Patty’s day is just 4da away! Yum-Yum, Nom-nom! I live for this time of year. So looking forward to a heart meal (or two) of corned beef and cabbage!
    Love the fun, glorious pics, Ginny! I’m following a FB girl friend who snowbirds here in LHC and hikes the surrounding desert and foothills EACH and EVERY day. And posts hundreds upon thousands of pictures of her adventures. And yes, she’s more than motivated and proactive in seeking all of these flowering extravaganza shows! It is so pretty. I must force myself to partake in person of the abundance and variety of now flowering desert plants. Who knows when we may have the opportunity again?
    Thank you, Cap, and Ginny and Tom for sharing your adventures with us.
    Have a Truly Blessed Day, ya’ll!
    Love you,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Hi Michael. St. Patrick’s Day is “In the wings” isn’t it? The wearing of the green. Nice to hear of your FB girl friend and her photos, all on Face Book I assume. Have you ever hiked with her? We assume not. Our pleasure to share all we have to share with you and all who follow us. Smiling .. Cap and Patti

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