Friday, April 21st 2023

For What It’s Worth, thanks 100% to Patti, who got up early and drove me over to the Bridgewater Channel here in Lake Havasu City, I was able to shoot photos of the 2023 Lake Havasu City Boat Show and upload them and publish the first part of what will be a two part series of Posts.

Without Patti driving me over there, there would have been no photos taken by me of the Boat Show. I tried to drive over myself at 10am, but I encountered dense traffic and the parking availability at the channel was limited. I had a 9am appointment so I could not drive myself earlier in the day.

The below link will take you to the Post.


I hope to publish Part 2 tomorrow.

I continue to have the uncomfortable effects of yesterdays flare up of my Diverticular Disease. It was a small miracle that I was able to get out and do the photo shoot. 

Cap and Patti

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