Here at the Edgewater Hotel, Patti and I have always had rooms that face West.

Our traditional view from our room looking West looks down on the parking area in front of the hotel.

Below are two photos showing the view that we are used to seeing as we look to the West. Views you our readers have seen many times.

This trip, maybe for the first time ever, our room faces East looking out over the Colorado River instead of the parking area. In the below photos you will see the difference.

Looking up at the East side of the Edgewater. Notice the Palm Trees.

Looking out from our room at the Colorado River.

Looking directly down from our room at the Palm Trees you saw above.

The below photos show the Palm Trees as viewed from down near the Colorado River.

Nice huh? Well Patti and I think the Edgewater is one fine venue!

Smiling, Cap and Patti

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