Sunday May the 14th 2023

Mother’s Day

This was a very, VERY, special Mother’s Day for Patti and myself. I surprised her with Flowers and a Whitman’s Sampler (a box of 22 assorted chocolates) and a card.

When Patti walked into our bathroom, around 7am this early morning, she was absolutely astounded to see the below display. She had no idea of my plans for Her Day!!

You see, Patti, not once ever in her lifetime, until today, had been the Queen, the Central Lady, the Mother in Mother’s Day. One of my favorite sayings arose within me this week : If It Is To Be .. It’s Up To Me. And I made my mind up that we two would celebrate her first ever Mother’s Day together.

As she continues to struggle with the after effects of this, her third Covid episode, she slept until early this afternoon.  As we ate breakfast, we enjoyed visiting about our surprise Mother’s Day celebration. Then out and off we headed to pick up a few items at Walmart and down the Seward Highway we drove.

In the first of the below photos, we are in the Southern part of Anchorage, heading South on the Seward Highway, to experience the beauty of The Turnagain Arm of Cook Inlet.

Below are 12 of the more than 70 photos that I shot during our drive South down the Seward Highway. 

On our way back into Anchorage, Patti and I stopped at our favorite Subway Sandwich Shop and enjoyed a Chicken Teriyaki  footlong together at home.

It was a very, VERY, nice Mother’s Day that we shared together.

– – – – – – – – 

Sunday May the 14th 2023

After our Covid test last Friday, we decided to again test today, which we did.

Patti’s NEGATIVE test is at the top. My NEGATIVE test is at the bottom.

We two plan to isolate for a few more days. Then we will rejoin society but will to be far more cautious and wear masks when in crowds.

Who knows where the path will now lead. Make no mistake, Patti is far from being 100% cured from the lingering after effects (primarily a bothersome, nagging, croupy cough along with fatigue) of this Covid episode. And why didn’t I get and experience a Covid episode? Not even The Shadow knows all of the answers!

Call It A Wrap.

Cap and Patti

Yesterday I wrote : Today (Sunday May 14th) there is Game 7 in the NBA Playoffs. The Philadelphia 76ers are at Boston to play the Boston Celtics. The winner will move into the Eastern Conference Finals to play the “astounding” Miami Heat! 

Today, Sunday the 14th, the Boston Celtics BLASTED the Philadelphia 76ers 112 –  88. At the Half it was Boston 55 – 52 Philadelphia a close game. At the end of the 3rd Quarter it was : Boston 88 – 62 Philadelphia game over.  Now come the Conference FINALS.

2 thoughts on “MAY 15, 23 .. PATTI’S MOTHER’S DAY

  1. OLGA from Chita

    Cap, this is so touching! So cute! And completely gentlemanly!
    Hug you both tight! I love you!
    I am very glad that Patti has overcome active Covid. Get well soon, Patti!
    ♫ ☼ ♫

  2. Michael

    A belated Happy Mother’s Day to our precious woman, Patti! And Cap, you are most definitely ‘a keeper!’. What a beautiful Mother’s Day salutation (and chocolates and flowers, too!). You two make my heart flutter watching your relationship only grow stronger day-by-day, never falters. Your shared love is truly inspirational.
    Elated, too, to read of your negatives! Now we have us three. I tested negative this a.m., too. Praying for Patti’s continued healing and return to good health.
    Have a Truly Blessed Day!

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