ISN’T IT SOMETHING.. that when we ‘ put it out to the universe ‘.. things happen.. Call it spirituality.

I wrote last Monday about my friend.. Ralph Barnhardt.. with whom I worked in a Detroit machine shop back in the 1960 and 1961 time period.. where Ralph would rant and rave about.. “Why is it there is NEVER time to do a job correctly BUT there is ALWAYS time to do it over”

AND I mentioned my own tendency to ‘hurry’ my own entering of my complex PIN numbers.. and ALWAYS having time to go back and to re-enter them.. USUALLY having to go through the fire drill of then having to enter the odd combos of weird letters and squiggly numbers.. which process really takes time..

Since THAT writing.. since putting that ‘ out to the universe ‘ so to speak.. I have.. NOT ONE TIME.. mis-entered a single PIN..



I have NO BUDGET for two things in particular.. purchasing and using of bottled water.. splish splash I was takin’ a bath ‘long about a Saturday night with BOTTLED SAFE WATER.. and I have no budget for anything having to do with my mail.. the postage.. stamps and cards and envelopes and express post in India (Speed Post)..  etc..


This is a bit of a giggle.. IN ALASKA.. IN THE WINTER.. with the temperature going down to minus 40 degrees F and colder..  (by the way.. Fahrenhiet and Celcius MEET at minus 40 degrees.. they eqaul out at minus 40 degrees).. I am always watching the temperature.. when I turn off my heat inside of my cabin.. (when I go out for instance often I turn the heat off..  at night when I sleep I will turn off my heat) I turn my heat off for obvious safety reasons.. when I do this I will track the heat loss in my cabin..

For me to know how much heat I lose. and how rapidly I lose the heat.. can be vital information in case I ACTUALLY DO LOSE MY HEAT and that has indeed happened to me.. by having this information I KNOW approximately how much time I have to react to the heat loss until it has gotten really cold (REALLY cold for me is from 10 to 15 degrees F) inside my cabin..

At minus 40 degrees outside..  I lose about 5 degrees of heat per hour..

OK here I am in Calcutta doing the same thing IN REVERSE.. I am watching the temperature in my room BUT I AM WATCHING the rise in temperature when I turn off the Air Conditioning and overhead fan.. the rise in temperature here is about 2 degrees per hour..

So far the warmest it has gotten in my room is 82 degrees F.. I have now been able to work the temperature inside my room down to an ABSOLUTELY FREEZING .. TIME FOR TWO-BLANKETS..  COLD of 72 degrees F.. RADICAL HUH?

HOW ON EARTH CAN I BE SO COLD AT 72 degrees F that I NEED to get underneath TWO THICK BLANKETS and snuggle down into their warmth..