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Our great friend, Michael down in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, told us the below story. He then followed up by email with photos and a written narrative.

In his narrative, you will also hear about “Little Bit”, Michael’s precious dog.

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Michael writes :

“Little Bit” and I saved a baby, boat-tailed grackle, that had fallen from it’s nest down at the Channel and Park.

It’s parents and tribe were freaking out but it was mission impossible to just find it’s nest and stupid to think of placing it back. Impossible! So we gathered this little newborn and brought it home. I found a small playmate ice chest and put a brand new cloth kitchen towel inside and it seemed alert and stable. It actually drank all the water that I could direct to it’s little beak. I’m convinced it would not have survived if left on the hot, dry, dirty floor under the trees. There’s too many visitors and locals that walk their dogs and aren’t truly aware of their surroundings. And many walk dogs that would take this as a toy, or worse, finger food. “Little Bit” sensed the anxiety of this little bird and she didn’t go near it but stayed close enough for me to be attentive to her needs also.

I got online and tracked down a local bird rescue.org that had taken an orphan from me a year ago. In quick fashion, this wife/husband team drove to my house and secured this little one in a portable box and refused my attempt to offer them a donation. They humbly refused and said: “Just pay it forward!” I’m so grateful for selfless, considerate people that enter my life.

Wow Michael !!

Thanks so very, VERY MUCH, for sharing this story with us and being comfortable with me posting it here on dotnet.

Your Allies .. Cap and Patti and all of our readers!

Below is a link to Bird Rescue.


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Where would I be, What would I do, without Patti who proof reads all of my Posts?

“Cap!” Patti said, “Where are the photos of the baby bird that Michael sent?”

Yes ! You’ve got it ! I had completely forgotten to Post the photos of the baby bird.

4 thoughts on “JUN 7, 23 .. A GUEST POST FROM MICHAEL 86403

  1. Kit Raye

    Great post, and nice of Michael to save the baby bird. Good girl Lil Bit for not adding to the bird’s trauma.
    I’ve been enjoying the forest behind my home and all the birds, most who migrate. Often I get bald and golden eagles who love to fly the wind currents that swoop up my mountain. I love Spring!
    Thanks again!

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Thanks Kit for your comment. I think that a by-stander said to Michael “Leave the bird alone, it will fly back up to it’s nest!” Oh My I don’t think so! Thanks also Kit for reading and commenting on Gullible’s May 31st Post. Cap

  2. Michael

    Cap and Patti! My most sincere and humble thank you for all of your precious time and energies it takes to create stories and personal narratives of what’s current in all of yours, and your friends lives. I am convinced your passion is contagious and your Babakaps adventures have forever inspired me. I recall some of your early adventures traveling through India, when you would sit at your computer in hot, humid small hostels and hotel rooms and create your blogs. And either the internet connection and/or the electricity would shut off! A calamity. And we nurtured and taught each other how to cut and paste for later editing until you got the resources back! We’ve come a long ways, my friends. And I will never forget our travels together in the U.S. and Canada. To be blessed to spend time with you and Patti in your Detroit home and travel across the border into Windsor, and meet Danny. I will never forget her fire and sparkles in her eyes. What an incredible woman she was! And she didn’t want me to leave! hehe And you, Patti and I….the Three Amigos with our group hugs every morning before we jumped back into the midst of life! A sheer, pure, loving unconditional relationship we’ve shared and grown! I will be eternally grateful. Once again, I humbly thank you for your generous gifts. Who would have thought a story about Little Bit, a baby bird, and a bird-brain Michael would be worthy of landing on your Babakaps blog site.
    Endless hugs and eternal love,

    1. Cap Chastain Post author

      Michael it was YOU who were the creator of the baby bird’s story. You are NOT a bird brain Michael! Thank YOU again for your work Michael. Can you contact the rescue bird couple and ask how the baby bird is doing? I expect it is doing very well since it went after the water you offered it in such a positive way. Yes indeed those are some wonderful memories we three share. Cap and Patti

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